Thursday, August 21, 2014


I have a custom quilt in the frame that is going to take me forever to finish.  Well, it seems like forever when it's on the frame for more than a day or two and it's been there since Monday morning.  I am always so anxious to get it off of there and move on to the next one.  Here are a few shots of the quilting.

To give myself a break from the quilt, I am working on my projects for the next blog hop.

I'm doing my part to save the gingham.  I purchased 6 more yards of Riley Blake Gingham this weekend.

Of course, all the projects are "ON THE QT".  But I couldn't resist giving you a little sneak peak.

I know what you're thinking!  No fair, I showed them in black and white.  So sorry, I have to keep something a secret!



  1. Your quilting is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos. Am saving this to admire again. (

  2. Love love the open airy quilting.. I'm not . St all a fan of support heavy quilting.. but I am a fan lately of gingham also!

  3. Great quilt and it's amazing that your can get a quilt off the frame so quickly!! The last quilt I just finished had about 250 hours just in the quilting...I could never get that done in a week or two!! The quilt took a year to piece and a year to quilt...but it was a special quilt for my daughter's wedding - I would not take that much time on just any quilt!! I wish I could go faster and still have the quilting look great - you do a great job with that!!


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