Saturday, August 16, 2014


Thursday I visited an old place I used to go every once in a while when I lived in Missouri.  It's Maggie Mae's Tea Room in a little spot in the road in Miller MO.  Miller only has a population of 600-700 people.  See, I told you it was a spot in the road.  I love Maggie Mae's.

It has such a welcoming entrance

William and I took my mother in law (on the right) and a family friend Dorothy (on the left).  We met Marsha (in the middle), the King's cousin and his Aunt Norma.

This was one of our sweet waitresses.  This is Miss Hope and she's only 3 years old.  We found out she's the cook's daughter.  She was adorable and worked hard!  Check out all those straws in her apron pocket.

William and I ordered the daily special.  Today it was Chicken Spaghetti.  It was absolutely delicious!

My MIL ordered the chicken salad.  I've had it before and it's also delicious!

And look at these desserts.  Among them were carrot cake, turtle cheesecake, almond cake, peanut butter chocolate pie, something raspberry cake,  and I can't remember what else besides the awesome, delicious, wonderful apple dumplings.  We had apple dumplings; which I forgot to take a picture of but trust me they were awesome, with a scoop of ice cream too.  Then I got carrot cake to go for later.  It was fabulous too!  William had two desserts.  The apple dumplings and peanut butter chocolate pie.  He said he couldn't decide which was better.

It's it just the cutest little place!

And there's a bed and breakfast too.


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