Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Ok, yesterday I posted I was in Denim Heaven.  Well that was short lived.  I'm not in heaven anymore.  And I bet you can guess where I think I am at the moment.  We'll let that go without actually saying it out loud.  But, I am making progress on Denim Quilt #2, aka Citrus Peel.

I'm half way there.  Whoo Hoo!!!

Actually I'm a little more than half way.  I have the other half of the rows pieced, just need to sew them together into the section.  Then two halves make a whole quilt!  

I should have saved this for one of my 3 projects for the blog hop in September but I didn't.  

I have been working on one of my top secret projects for it though.  You know I hate secrets so I'll give you a little look-see.

I'm doing my part to SAVE the GINGHAM.  Are you?  Have you purchased any yet?

And I've been working on the quilt design for the next blog hop too.  I'll have a pattern for it with the blog hop!



  1. Your denim quilt is looking good. I have projects to work on when I get home. I have been buying gingham when I see it. Yea for gingham.

  2. I love that denim quilt too!!!! and wow...what little wonders are you creating over there???


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