Friday, August 1, 2014


I was recently commissioned to make 3 denim quilts for a lady.  Her husband passed away very unexpectedly (about 8-9 years ago) and she saved his denim jeans and shirts to make her 3 children a quilt from each from them.  Needless to say, that hasn't happened yet so she brought them to me.

I have the first quilt top completed.  Just need to get home to quilt it.  Pictures will follow after I get it quilted.  I have visions for the second one using the pockets and such in a nine patch pattern.  And I have denim circles cut out for the third one.  It should look something like this when it's finished.

Do you know what 224 denim circles looks like all stacked up and ready to sew?  Well, let me show you.

I hope my theory works.  I made a template from cardboard of my sewing line and traced it on half of the circles.  The whole time I was doing this, it reminded me of the cardboard templates my grandma used to use to cut her quilt pieces out with.  I'm hoping by tracing the sewing line, I can sew every other one together to speed my process.  We shall see.   



  1. Love the pattern! Making great memories!

  2. That is the cutest denim quilt I have seen!! Please do a tutorial on how you make the blocks and join them together - I'd love to give it a try!!


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