Monday, August 18, 2014


I so enjoyed my time I spent with William the week before he went to college.  He earned his weight in gold that week.   Well, maybe not his weight (he's a big boy) but he did earn his keep for a day or two!  :)

He has given my blog a new face lift again.  He has re-arranged, changed the background, added buttons, added a traffic feed, and connected me with social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Flicker.  He is constantly checking the stats and tells me I need to do this or that to get my numbers up!  Too funny!  He's even texting me from college telling what to do and when!

Thanks to him, I have a new logo

A new title

And a new signature

He re-designed the front cover of my pattern "God Bless Texas" and as soon as I make a new sample, he'll add a new photo to the cover also.  He contacted numerous quilt shops by email which resulted in the sales of patterns to 8 new quilt shops!  He says he wants to re-design it even more but this was a quick fix.

He's also been a driving force behind me to design more patterns.   And has put a pencil to the reason why I should design more patterns to sell.  He's given me deadlines even!  Man, he can crack the whip!  He told me he was my new manager!  Great!  I thought I was my own boss!

So get ready for a new pattern(s) with the See You In September and the Rush Hour blog posts coming in September.  I'll post the patterns on my blog for free for a period of time, probably 30 days and then after that they will be available for purchase.

I'm very proud of what a fabulous job he's done with everything and really needed the extra push from him too!



  1. He did all that in a day or two. He is amazing and it sounds like he's a great motivator too. I'm excited to see all your new projects.

    1. I meant to tell you that I love the new look of your blog and your logo is so perfect.

  2. Love the new look! What a sweet son to do all of this for you.

  3. Wow, you have an awesome son!!! It all looks so fabulous!!! Love the crown :)

  4. Looks great!! How lovely to have a son who cares so much and is so talented!!


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