Saturday, July 26, 2014


Everyone is posting pictures of their beautiful yards and gardens.  Since I can't show you pictures of my own yard and flower gardens right now, I'll show you pictures of my sisters.  And you thought you were seeing pictures of the White House gardens.  Well you are.... kinda.... her last name is White.  So technically it IS the White House gardens.

In the corner of her screened porch

And the outside corner of the deck

Steps going up to the deck

And her view from the deck

Another view from the deck and screened porch

Aren't the crepe myrtles beautiful!

 She has lots of old iron wheels around the deck and lots of day lilies.

Her front porch

And the flower bed next to the front porch

Isn't it just the most peaceful place!

Not to mention the most refreshing, cooling off on a hot July day, relaxing in the pool kind of place!  



  1. Looks beautiful and very relaxing...sweet!

  2. What lovely gardens. So nice to see the gorgeous flowers, and the pool!!


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