Thursday, July 31, 2014


This little girl is now "Toothless Annie".  When she arrived here from Japan, she had a very loose tooth.  She refused to let anyone touch it.  It was so loose I don't know how it was even staying in her mouth.  Still, it just wouldn't fall out and no amount of bribery would work to pull it.  Believe me, we all tried.  Mom and Dad tried before they left from Japan.  Pop Pop and FeFe tried the whole time she was in Arizona.  Nana and Poppy and Grandma and Grandma Cotten and Pappa tried since she's been in Missouri but to no avail.  Even Uncle Randy (who is really Uncle Danny but that's a whole other story) tried!  She was not letting anyone touch her mouth!!!

This afternoon she and her baby brother Kameron were playing on the floor.  All of the sudden she jumped up and yelled "Kameron just pulled my tooth!"  She brought it to us in the palm of her hand.  As it turns out, Kameron really didn't pull it, he just pushed his hand on her cheek in just the right spot and it fell out in her mouth.  I told you it was really loose!

Now, since all that happened, Nana had to make a tooth fairy pillow.  We searched the internet and Pinterest for ideas and this is the one she picked.  It probably wouldn't have been Nana's choice but you've never met a more strong willed Little Girl that makes her mind up about something and there is no digressing from her decision.

A trip to Walmart ensued as that was really our only choice for fabric in this town.  Again, it was a bit of a challenge to sway her from her original choice of fabric.  We finally settled on this.  I had a few scraps with me to complete the line-up and a scrap of quilted Hello Kitty fabric left over from the bag I made her.

An hour or so later, we have a completed tooth fairy pillow.

It is quite busy but she loves it and it's very fitting for this busy little girl!  The blue part of the mouth is actually a pocket where the tooth fairy can leave her a treat and/or money.  I wonder how much money the tooth fairy will leave her this evening.  

Oh and the whole other story about Uncle Randy.... it seems Uncle Danny teasingly called her "Randy" a few years ago.  He insisted her name was "Randy".  Since he kept calling her "Randy", she started calling him "Uncle Randy".  She said if he's calling me "Randy", I'm calling him "Uncle Randy" and she has!  


  1. How cool! Our 4yo grandaughter's dentist told us recently that she'd lose both her top teeth by Christmas- tooth fairy be ready!


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