Friday, July 18, 2014


We've had another busy week again.  I didn't finish this embroidery block on my Snowman A-Z this week.  I actually finished it 2 weeks ago when the King had some outpatient surgery.  I just forgot that I had it finished until I went to work on the remaining blocks again.  I made more progress on the remaining blocks but nothing completed yet.  I like to pick a thread color and do all the stitching for that color on all the blocks (or at least 3-4 that I have in my bag).  

I managed to sneak away to the sewing machine and finished 6 more blocks for the Farmer's Wives Quilt.  I failed to bring the sashing and corner stone blocks with me so I'll add those after I get home.

Then on Monday we snuck away with the Hollie, Raleigh, and Kameron.  We went to Branson and stayed at the Grand Country Inn, which is an indoor water park.  We thought the crowds would be less and we were right, there was hardly anyone there.  

The King and the court jester (you pick who is who) floating down the lazy river.

Nana with sweet baby Kameron watching those two float down the lazy river.

Raleigh's favorite part of the water park was the dumping of the huge water bucket.  It would fill every 15 minutes or so.  When it was close to being full and dumping, it would trigger a bell that would ding for about 10 seconds before it dumped.  The kids would come running from all over the park to have it dump on them.  As you can see, Raleigh was the only one in the park at one time.

Uncle William with sweet baby Kameron.

Then we went to the Hollywood Wax Museum.  Raleigh had a great time mocking the poses of the wax figures.

Poppy with Bob Hope.

Nana and Poppy with Willie Nelson.

I was quite impressed with the detail of the wax people.  

William with Dale Earnhart Jr.

We also played a round of mini golf but Nana had some sweet little girl playing with her phone and ran the battery down so there were no pictures of mini golf.
We returned home on Tuesday evening, only to turn around and go back to Springfield early Wednesday morning to attend William's 2 day freshman college orientation at Missouri State University.

On our way to lunch, I noticed this huge quilt hanging in the stairwell.

What a fabulous memorial to 9/11.  But I question, how do they keep the fabrics from fading?  I put a quilt out on the screened porch and in just one summer it faded on the fold lines.

Parents attended sessions and students attended different sessions. I'm not sure we really learned a thing but we did get registered for classes for fall.  

They provided a "Kodak" moment and encouraged us to take a picture now and another one when the student graduates in 4 years.  I hope they're right about graduating in 4 years.  :)

And I couldn't resist this photo  of the King and the Court Jester as we were leaving campus.


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  1. lovely pics of you alll and I cherish your plum pudding one Doris ...too cute..almost as good to eat as your wee ones..


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