Monday, July 14, 2014


Madamme Samm over at Sew We Quilt had the most fabulous idea after our wonderful Perfect Picnic Blog Hop.  She thought it would be wonderful to take a break this summer and make some memories with our families.  And all of you know that's what I've been doing.  However, I really haven't been slacking because there are two blog hops coming your way and I have been preparing for both of them.

The first one to come is this one.

Now isn't that just the perfect ending to a wonderful summer or is a perfect beginning to a fabulous fall?  Either way.... I'll SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER with 3 projects.

And the second blog hop coming your way is this one.

You know I've said it more than once, "I'm always a day late and lots of dollars short".  So how could I pass up a blog hop called "RUSH HOUR"?  It fits me to a tee!  My mother has always told me if I didn't have a deadline I wouldn't get anything done and as usual and sadly, Mom is always right.  It is my good intention to finish this project(s) well before the Rush Hour deadline but you know me....  We shall see....

Both my blog hop projects will have a bit of gingham in them because you know WE MUST SAVE THE GINGHAM!!!

Riley Blake has the most awesome gingham.  It is just lovely.  If you use gingham in any of your sewing projects and haven't tried Riley Blake's Gingham, you really must!  You won't use anything else once you do.  It is the best there is out there.  SO, Go buy some or order some from your quilt shop TODAY!

AND, if you'd like to participate in either of these blog hops, hop on over to Sew We Quilt and check out the details and join in on the fun.


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