Thursday, July 31, 2014


This little girl is now "Toothless Annie".  When she arrived here from Japan, she had a very loose tooth.  She refused to let anyone touch it.  It was so loose I don't know how it was even staying in her mouth.  Still, it just wouldn't fall out and no amount of bribery would work to pull it.  Believe me, we all tried.  Mom and Dad tried before they left from Japan.  Pop Pop and FeFe tried the whole time she was in Arizona.  Nana and Poppy and Grandma and Grandma Cotten and Pappa tried since she's been in Missouri but to no avail.  Even Uncle Randy (who is really Uncle Danny but that's a whole other story) tried!  She was not letting anyone touch her mouth!!!

This afternoon she and her baby brother Kameron were playing on the floor.  All of the sudden she jumped up and yelled "Kameron just pulled my tooth!"  She brought it to us in the palm of her hand.  As it turns out, Kameron really didn't pull it, he just pushed his hand on her cheek in just the right spot and it fell out in her mouth.  I told you it was really loose!

Now, since all that happened, Nana had to make a tooth fairy pillow.  We searched the internet and Pinterest for ideas and this is the one she picked.  It probably wouldn't have been Nana's choice but you've never met a more strong willed Little Girl that makes her mind up about something and there is no digressing from her decision.

A trip to Walmart ensued as that was really our only choice for fabric in this town.  Again, it was a bit of a challenge to sway her from her original choice of fabric.  We finally settled on this.  I had a few scraps with me to complete the line-up and a scrap of quilted Hello Kitty fabric left over from the bag I made her.

An hour or so later, we have a completed tooth fairy pillow.

It is quite busy but she loves it and it's very fitting for this busy little girl!  The blue part of the mouth is actually a pocket where the tooth fairy can leave her a treat and/or money.  I wonder how much money the tooth fairy will leave her this evening.  

Oh and the whole other story about Uncle Randy.... it seems Uncle Danny teasingly called her "Randy" a few years ago.  He insisted her name was "Randy".  Since he kept calling her "Randy", she started calling him "Uncle Randy".  She said if he's calling me "Randy", I'm calling him "Uncle Randy" and she has!  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Yes, I'm still loving on my grand babies so there's no recent quilting but I told you I quilted like a crazy woman before I left.  Here are a few more quilts I quilted.  

Joy made this for her granddaughter for graduation.  Joy usually makes her grands a t-shirt quilt but this one requested a traditional  quilt.  I think it's beautiful!!!  It's the floating star pattern in red and purple batiks. 

Do you pre-wash your fabrics or batiks?  Here's testimony that you should.  Joy said she washed the red fabrics (with color catchers each time) about 4 times before she felt like they weren't bleeding anymore!  Can you imagine what a disaster the quilt would have been against those white backgrounds of the stars if she hadn't?  

I quilted the meandering feathers in Jamaican sun Glide thread.

Ruby has sent me a quilt at least once before using this pattern.  It's called Wedding Rings and it's quite appropriate for her gift she's giving for a 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Ruby had me personalize the center block with the couple's name and wedding anniversary date.

I quilted feathered hearts in cream thread.

Linda who used to live in Houston and now lives on the east coast sent me this quilt.  She started it on a quilting cruise.

I quilted Curls and Pearls on it.

Linda also sent me this twister quilt she started on a quilting cruise also.  I love the beachy/sea fabrics.

I quilted Deb's Swirl on it.

And last, but certainly not least, as it's a monster size quilt, Jan made this quilt.  

I quilted modern hourglass design on the very modern feeling quilt.  Very pretty blues set off by the white background.


Saturday, July 26, 2014


Everyone is posting pictures of their beautiful yards and gardens.  Since I can't show you pictures of my own yard and flower gardens right now, I'll show you pictures of my sisters.  And you thought you were seeing pictures of the White House gardens.  Well you are.... kinda.... her last name is White.  So technically it IS the White House gardens.

In the corner of her screened porch

And the outside corner of the deck

Steps going up to the deck

And her view from the deck

Another view from the deck and screened porch

Aren't the crepe myrtles beautiful!

 She has lots of old iron wheels around the deck and lots of day lilies.

Her front porch

And the flower bed next to the front porch

Isn't it just the most peaceful place!

Not to mention the most refreshing, cooling off on a hot July day, relaxing in the pool kind of place!  


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I was able to spend some quality time at the sewing machine today.  I finished my first project for the blog hop coming in September

You know I hate keeping secrets so I'll give you just a hint of what it is.  Do you remember this lone star I worked on at retreat?

And do you remember the blocks I've been making for the Quilted Angels Online Club Challenge?  Here are the last two

So is that enough of a teaser for you for the first project?  The top is complete and ready to be quilted as soon as I get home.

I even have the binding ready.

And I cut up all the scraps.  You know the ones left over when you miter a corner.

I wish I would take the time to do this every time I finish a project.  I wouldn't end up with a box of scraps if I did.  I cut them into 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangles, 3 1/2" squares, 2 1/2" squares, 2" squares, 1 1/2" squares, and 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" rectangles.  

I also made the blocks for this month for the Log Cabin Houses BOM.  I'm so proud of myself for keeping up so far.  I'm also getting excited about putting these together.  I can hardly wait to get all the months.  

And look who was cooking breakfast this morning.  Grandma had some pretty good help.  She's an expert egg cracker; Raleigh that is.  Well, Grandma is too but she's had years of experience.  She even has advise for Grandma about how to cook the bacon too.  She didn't want Nana to take her picture so thus the funny face.  I'm lovin every minute with this precious funny face girl and her sweet baby brother and their beautiful momma. 


Sunday, July 20, 2014


It's been a while since I've seen my Queenie (aka Quilting Machine) but I took some photos to remind me of what a workhorse she is.  My phone has been ringing and I must get back to her soon!  My stack is growing, and growing, and growing. There's a saying that goes something like this

Well that's how I feel about my quilts right now.  Quilting and Sewing can wait till tomorrow, Babies grow up and go back home to Japan.... I'm playing with my babies and babies don't keep!

Lane knows all about playing with her babies.  She made these two quilts for her granddaughters Brynn and Lanie.  They are just adorable!

Retro daisies were quilted in Glide Pink thread.

Spring Flowers were quilted in Glide Magic Mint Thread.

Carol made this lap quilt using the pattern Yellow Brick Road.  I'm happy to welcome Carol as a new customer!  She's been following me on my blog for quite some time now.  She was thrilled with the quilting and says she'll be back with more quilts!  Yay, that makes this Queen happy!

Feathered Hearts was the pattern used to quilt this with Glide Magic Mint thread too.

Laura made this Carpenter's Star for a graduation gift.  I love her colors!

Meandering feathers was used stitching it with Mother Goose thread.

And my favorite of the day, this sweet school house quilt my quilting group made for our friend Donna for her retirement.  Yes, she is a retired school teacher/counselor.  You might remember we gave it to her at retreat and she was thrilled.  

So that's it for now.  But never fear, I have more for another day.  And I'm still working diligently on my projects for the up and coming blog hops.  

But most importantly, have you been saving the Gingham.  I have been and I can't wait to show you.

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