Friday, June 6, 2014


What a day!  I finished my picnic quilt top and backing yesterday evening.  Loaded it in the longarm frame this morning, made one pass, almost, across the quilt and that's where things went south, very south, very quickly.

You see, unbeknowst (is that a word?) to me, I basted the sides down on the quilt and apparently I somehow left my small snipping scissor in between the top and the batting.  Do you know what happens when you hit that with the quilting machine?  Well I do now.  First it breaks the needle, duh!  And then it snapped the needle arm.  OUCH!!!  What a noise!  Of course, I didn't know that at the time, I just knew it made one heck of a racket.  I changed the needle, re threaded the bobbin, attempted to bring the bobbin thread up and OH NO!  What a racket of a noise again.  I removed the metal plate, which was bowed out, which protects the housing of the needle bar.  Hmmm... what the heck am I looking at or for.  A phone call to the Gammill technician, who instructed me to send a photo, revealed that I snapped the needle bar.

He says, that's an easy fix!  And surprisingly, the part was only $32 plus shipping.  He then told me the funniest thing I've heard in quite a while.  He said I would be able to replace it myself with the instructions he was sending.  BAHAHA!  Yeah right!??  We shall see!

So the remainder of the day I worked on my Quilted Angels Online Challenge Quilt.  I got 4 more blocks finished and am caught up again.  There is only one more month in the challenge and then I have to come up with a setting and put it together.  I have some ideas, just have to settle on something fabulous.  There is a nice gift certificate from her online shop, Quilts With A Heart on the line if I win.


  1. good luck on your fix. I would be laughing also if it was me. I am so not mechanically inclined. LOL. Your blocks are very pretty. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. I hate when something like that happens! At least when I make up my bed with my book left in the middle of it I don't have to pay money to remake it! blessings, marlene

  3. You certainly got off "cheap" for that fix. The first time I was timing my longarm after having it for a bit over a year, I was on the phone with the tech (one of the guys who started the company) while he was talking me through the timing. He told me to move the bobbin race forward a bit...well, it was hard to move so I used a screwdriver for leverage...yep broke a chunk off my bobbin race and had to have him send me a new one - he felt bad so he only charged me his cost for the bobbin race. It was a bit more then your needle bar, but I'll take it! I guess I got lucky the time I was resetting the height of my hopping foot - stuck the nickel under the hopping foot and when I cranked the allen wrench on the screw I also hit the "down" button on the needle (it should have already been down, my bad)...shattered my needle and put a divot in the nickel, but no problem with my needle bar or my timing!!! I'll be interested to hear the story of replacing the needle bar!!!!


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