Thursday, June 5, 2014


I told you I should have changed my name to the Crazy Quilting Queen last week and told you about all my deadlines I needed to met last week.  Well, I did it!  I got all the quilts finished that I promised by Saturday.   So how about some pictures of those quilts.  Warning, there are a lot of pictures in this post.  I told you I've been busy!

Marcie made this baby quilt for her first grandchild, who hasn't arrived yet.

I did some custom quilting on it.

And several months ago Marcie had me quilt her BOM Lovely In Lavendar.  She made these pillow shams to go with her quilt and brought them to me to quilt also.

 I thought the back showed the quilting better than the front.

Delia is a new quilter and is rocking the house with it!  

I used the Spring Flowers pattern in yellow thread.

And matching pillows with the extra blocks.

Delia did this one too.  I like the motion with all the circles in the pattern of the fabrics.

I kept the circle thing going with the pattern, circles all around in red thread.

The next 4 quilts are made by Debora.  This one is a small baby quilt

Circles all around is the pattern again on this one in light turquoise blue thread.

Debora made this one for someone special.  A very modern quilt. 
And another circle pattern.  This one is called circle meander in passion pink thread.

Debora ask me to make a label for her for the special recipient.

I love the scrappy churndash and large oversized blocks.

A modern pattern with modern fabrics for a traditional quilt pattern.

And another baby quilt with a retro feel.  How many of you remember playing with some of the things these kids are playing with?

Another modern pattern, round peg in square hole pattern.

Are you still with me?  I told you there were a lot of pictures.  Whew!  Glad to get all those things done.  This week is just as busy with customer quilts and my picnic quilt.  I finished the top and the backing and am ready to quilt it tomorrow so the King and I can go on our picnic.  Have you been following the blog hop?  I hope so.  There are some very talented picnic-ers and some fabulous quilts for inspiration.  You can see the complete schedule here.


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