Monday, June 16, 2014


I acquired this quilt a few years ago from a man who bought it at a garage sale in Blanket, Texas. I bought it from him in hopes that I might locate an heir of some of the names on the quilt.  Sadly, it's been neglected, both by lack of care over the years and my neglect of not doing anything to find it's owner.

Obviously it's a signature quilt, made from June to September 1924, or at least that's when the names are signed on the blocks.  There are 20 blocks with the embroidered names listed below, all hand pieced and hand quilted.  And based on the information on two of the blocks, I'm also guessing it originated in Carrizo Springs, Texas which is a small town in south Texas near the border.

The names on the blocks of the quilt are as follows:

Josphene Hale Carrizo Springs Texas 7-8-24
Bessie Saunders 6-26-24
Leldon Saunders 6-24-24
Buna Hale 7-17-24
Elvin Hale 8-27-24
Floyd Hale 8-27-24
Clayton Saunders 6-24-24
Erla Bell Swafford 9-12-24
Denfer Hale 7-14-24
Elzora Railsback 6-24-24
Mamie Bagwell 8-5-24
Claud Hale 7-14-24
Victor Railsback 6-24-24
Russell Saunders 6-24-24
Dora Railsback 6-24-24
Ada Swafford 9-12-24
Miss Beulah Hale, Carrizo Springs Texas 7-8-24

If you know anyone who might be a descendant of any of these people, please share this post with them and ask them to get in touch with me.  I would love to put the quilt in their possession.



  1. I applaud you for trying to reacquaint this quilt with it's family. Good luck!!

  2. I hope you find the family. It would be fun to read the follow up on it.

  3. maybe try to find descendents?


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