Saturday, June 14, 2014


I debated about writing this post as I didn't write one like it for Mother's Day but then decided, you gotta start somewhere, sometime.   So this is my start with Father's Day.  Of course, you realize my intentions are good and but it also might be the start and end too.

Of course, I believe I have the greatest dad on earth.  I'm sure you do to and that's okay.  I wanted to share my dad with you.  Sadly, I have no pictures of dad and I together because, guess why?  I'm always the one behind the camera and I don't do selfies very good either.  I did have a picture of my dad with my sister though.

And then there's this dad, that's not really my dad but he's a close second.  He means to world to me.  It's my Uncle Roy.  Interesting thing about Uncle Roy is that he was my Uncle when he was married to my Dad's sister Eunice.  Eunice passed away and he then married my Mom's sister Della!  So see he's my uncle times two!!!

And that's it for my dads.  

But there are a couple of dads that are important to me so I couldn't go without mentioning them too.

This dad is pretty darn special!  He's the King!  William likes to reference himself as the king and dad as the court jester but I really think he's the King!

And last, but not least are these two guys who are the father's of my awesome grandkids! 

My son Drew with Emmett and Josie

And my son-in-law Kyle with Kameron. Sadly again, I have no pictures of Kyle with both of the kids or Kyle with Raleigh.  

So now you've met the entire family of dads.  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE DADS!

OH, and if you're looking for the Seasonal Mystery Sampler, check back late Sunday evening.  I'm finishing up the second block in the morning.


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