Friday, June 13, 2014


I'm finally quilting again.  Queenie was down and out after attempting to sew over a pair of snipping scissors, which by the way, doesn't fare well.  It WILL break a needle bar, essential to making the needle go up and down, essential to making a stitch, essential to quilting!

While Queenie was taking a break, I didn't!  I kept trudging on.  I took the opportunity to catch up on my Farmer's Wives BOM, which I was 3 months behind on.  These blocks are only 6" finished.  The only thing more insane would be a Dear Jane quilt block that is only 4 1/2" finished.  And yes I have a Dear Jane UFO (2 of them in fact!)  I also "fixed" the sashing on all 6 months blocks.  I realized on month 6 that the sashing is directional (well I already knew that) and I had about half of the sashing pieces going the wrong way!  Urhg!
Month 4 of Farmer's Wives

Month 5 of Farmer's Wives

Month 6 of Farmer's Wives

 I also caught up on my Quilted Angels online challenge BOM.  These are 12" finished blocks.  A much nicer workable size!

I also did a little sorting and organizing in the garage and in my sewing room/spare bedroom.  Sorry there are no pictures of the garage.  It's a good thing no one wanted to come visit and spend the night in the spare bedroom as they would have a hard time getting to the bed.  There really is a bed under all this!  This is what it looked like before.

And this is after.  A much needed improvement.  I don't sew much in here.  Actually I only have my Bernina embroidery machine set up in here.  But I do cut out in here.

In fact, I cleaned the cutting table off too.  I'm almost ashamed to show you what a mess it was.  I had just finished cutting out the 18 Farmer's Wives blocks, which are all scrappy.  I think that's why I steer away from scrappy blocks.  It always makes such a mess to drag out all the fabrics needed.  So here was the cutting table before.

And here is the cutting table all cleaned off.  I wonder how long this will last.  Never fear, not long I'm sure!

The King was quite impressed.  He muttered something under his breath about sabotage of the quilting machine so that I would spend more time cleaning.  NOT HAPPENING DEAR HEART! I can assure you this was a rare opportunity!


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  1. Great job on the sampler blocks. I can relate my DH feels the same way about my cleaning and organizing!! What are the lights that you have on the wall behind the cutting board?


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