Thursday, May 29, 2014


Well, I did it! I survived my baby's graduation and all the festivities leading up to it. It wasn't as hard as I had imagined it might be... still wasn't easy though. Actually reality didn't set in until the next day and the long drive back to Texas. Ten hours in the car is a long time to ponder things in his life the last 18 years. And ponder I did! I can't lie, I cried a little too. Okay, maybe more than a little but not too much; I was driving!  I completed all of his scrapbooks to present date.  Yeppers, it only took 15 of them to tell his life story from birth to now.  Now talk about pondering!  That will bring tears to your my eyes looking back through all those years of pictures and artwork and memorabilia.  A little more crying took place a time or two!  Yes, I know, I'm weepy!

He opted to stay in Missouri with my parents for the summer. He HATES the 10 hour drive back and forth to Texas and Grandma and Grandpa have far better Internet than we do here; a necessary evil to play those $*%@*&^ xbox games he plays. He's suppose to be looking for a job, and has applied several places, but motivation on his part is lacking just a tad bit (I have a feeling)! Uhmmm! (You know that mother's intuition thing.)

Oh well, it could be worse. He's a good kid, has never been in trouble, makes excellent grades, doesn't go out and party, heck he doesn't even go out period, doesn't have a girlfriend, rarely asks for money, but always asks to be fed! haha! He has been accepted at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri to attend this fall and wants to major in computer science.

Needless to say, I'm one PROUD mom!  CONGRATULATIONS WILLIAM!!!

Mom, William and Dad (Oh, and by the way, it was pretty warm in the gym so I took my jacket off that goes with the dress.  And guess what, I apparently left the jacket where I was sitting but of course, no one has turned it in after graduation!  Darn, I only wore it that one time!)

Grandma Cotten, William, Grandpa Cotten

William and Granny

I've hit the ground running since my arrival back home in Texas. I've got a mountain of quilts to quilt for customers, many with deadlines. Perhaps I should change my name to Crazy Quilting Queen or Mad Scientist Quilting Queen the way I've been going since my return. Yeah, yeah, I know the old saying, "If you play, you gotta pay" but it sure didn't feel like I've been playing the last few weeks. Playing for me would involve a sewing machine, and as you can tell, I didn't see any of that because there are no posts about me sewing, or really playing would involve a sandy beach, clear blue water, and a big ole cruise ship and trust me, I saw NONE of those things the past few weeks either.  Perhaps the King will take pity on me and arrange for that.... hint, hint! I'll have pictures and pictures of quilts and more quilts to show you in the next few days.

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  1. Congratulations on surviving that milestone!!! So many more to come,but they do grow up too fast!!


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