Monday, May 12, 2014


Dad and I have gone to a couple of auctions the last few Saturdays.  He and I both love going.  Sometimes you get a good deal, sometimes you don't.  Sometimes you find something you just think you can't live without, sometimes you don't.   I struck it lucky on both this time.

Last Saturday we got 4 HUGE plastic totes full of fabric.  Almost all of it was nice good quality 100% cotton fabric I can use to quilt with.  Some wasn't.  I donated what wasn't and still had 4 HUGE plastic totes full of fabric for $120.  In my treasure totes I also found 2 partial Thimbleberries Block of the Month programs.  I feel certain someone else got home with my remaining BOM's but of course I have no idea who.  There was a lot of stuff that was "hodge podged" together in boxes and bags with no relationship to each other.  I think the family was so overwhelmed with all the stuff they just started throwing things into boxes to get it out.

We also picked up this sweet baby and the cabinet and carrying case it goes in.  It's a Bernina 930!
 I thought we were paying a little on the high side for it but after taking it to the repair man to have it cleaned and serviced, I found out we really didn't.  According to him we "stole" it.  I don't know about that but do feel like it was a good deal after all for $300.  And we picked up a "lot" of 9 longaberger baskets for a pretty fair price too; just $75.

Then this Saturday we got these 2 crocks for a decent price, no bargain but a fair price. The #6 crock on the left was $31 and the pickling crock with a lid and bail handle was $37.50.  I think it's a 3 gallon size.
We got two sad irons and one was a decent price at $3.  I'm going to strip the white paint when I get it home.  The other one I think was a good price at $9.  I've never seen one this large before and boy this baby is heavy!  You'd get a work out using this one.  It has the number 10 stamped on the top of the iron.  The white one has the number 8 stamped on it.

I snagged an old jar of buttons for just $2.  It's a squatty jar, probably about 6" x 6",

an old wooden ladder for $2 that I'm going to hang quilts on, and this old wire laundry basket for $9.

All in all, a great 2 weekends spent with my dad doing something we both love.



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