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Prom 2014 has gone down in the history books and this mom survived the last child's experience.  I sometimes think he's worse than a girl.  He was excited and nervous; although I doubt he would ever admit that.  I was out and about running a few errands Saturday morning when I received a text from him wanting to know if I was about done.  I replied just about, what's up?  He replied you need to get home and help me get ready to go.  Now keep in mind the time was 11:00 a.m. and he didn't need to be at his first destination until 1:15 p.m.  There's no hair to fix, no makeup to apply, none of the girly stuff, just put the tux on, snap a few pictures at home and go.... right?

So when I got there, he's changing his clothes, has his black sox on, still in shorts and t-shirt and  he says "oh my gosh, my legs are already sweating!"  He cracks me up!

Now don't you think he cleans up pretty nice?
 You can take the kid out of Texas but it looks like Texas came with him or at least this metal cactus did.  (Actually mom bought this on one of her trips to Texas.)

And this is his beautiful date Makayla

They went to the Gobbler's Roost in rural Nevada, MO to eat a nice dinner with 4 other couples, someplace they would rarely get to go to eat.  The food is fabulous, portions are generous but it's a tad pricey!  But it's very nice for a treat once in a while or a special occasion.

Then it's off to line up for the "Walk-in"; a new experience for William.  Here in little po-dunk Nevada, MO they make a big deal about Prom Walk-ins.  The radio station broadcasts it live, they announce the kid's names and modes of transportation as they arrive and they walk up the sidewalk to "The Great Gatsby Gala" in the high school gym with half the town watching.
William and Makayla walking in.  Their transportation was that big black jacked up truck in the background.

That's a long walk up the sidewalk, across to the gym entrance with a lot of eyes on you.

The public was allowed to pre-view the decorations in the gym on Saturday morning and here are a few of the pictures I took.

The entrance

A photo op

The kids reported to have had a ROARING GOOD TIME AT THE GATSBY GALA!


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  1. William was one handsome fella...even in those black sox-shorts ! Pretty date too !


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