Saturday, April 26, 2014


It seems I'm always a day late and a few dollars short.  I'm behind again on posting pictures of quilts I have been quilting.  I know I've said it before but I'm saying it again.  The best part of quilting for the public is seeing all the variations of patterns and fabrics my customers use.  I get so inspired by their work.

Karen does fabulous embroidery.  She and her husband own several Model T vehicles.  She made this quilt to use in the Model T to keep her warm.  I don't believe there are any heaters in this old Model T's.

I quilted a pattern called Wind Swirls in white thread.

Kathy does a lot of New York Beauty Quilts.  Usually they are in miniature form but this one isn't.  She made it for her daughter.

I quilted the Damask pattern in Mother Goose Tan thread.

Anita loves to paper piece.... I think... anyway she does a lot of it.  I just love the paper pieced borders on it too.

I quilted Circles All Around in black thread.

Kathleen also does beautiful handwork.  She framed her Christmas blocks in something a little less traditional; pink. 

 I did some custom quilting on this one.

Another one of Kathleen's great works with fabric.  A simple pattern but lovely still.

I quilted Curls in the Garden in Mother Goose Tan thread.

This is a huge quilt that Cherie made.  I don't know who it's for but she said do something manly on it.  

I quilted the pattern Fern Damask in Glide Lt. Turquoise thread on it.

I especially love it when I get a quilt in that has been made from a pattern I designed.  Cheryal made this for her son who is a Texas Ranger.  She modified the pattern a bit and appliquéd a star on the blue part of Texas.  The original pattern is a pieced sawtooth star.  
I used a pattern that Nancy at Wasatch Quilting designed for me.  It has hats, boots, horseshoes, the state of Texas, the outline of a Texas Ranger's badge and a pistol.  Glide Light Blue Turquoise thread was used to quilt it.

Hope you enjoyed the quilt show.  I still have more to show you but it will have to wait until after the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 9 Blog Tour coming up on April 28th.  See you then. 

Oh, and Prom is this evening.  You know I'll have photos of a handsome young man and his beautiful date to show you.  



  1. Such beautiful quilts that you are entrusted to quilt and add just the right stitching to make them truly come alive. What an honor for both parties. Sharing Creative Bliss...

  2. It is fun to quilt customer's quilts - my customers use fabrics and patterns I don't and it is so much fun to come up with different designs to quilt on them.

  3. I have been looking for a quilt kind of like your model T one to replace the one my mom made for my brother that was stolen. He is disabled and in a wheelchair. Love your work and was wondering if you sell these??


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