Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I know most of you think I'm a "basket case" a lot of the times.  And, realistically I probably am! but this time it's a good deal that I'm a basket case!

Back in the day... ummhhhmmm... some 20 years ago, I was a consultant for Longaberger Baskets and lets just say I have a few baskets.  Okay, I have quite a few baskets.   Okay, Okay, I have a lot too many baskets.  Now how is that possible?  You can never have too many baskets if you ask me.  Apparently my mom, sister, and nieces don't think you can have too many either.  I know for a fact my mom and my sister have WAY more baskets than I do.  In fact I think my sister takes the prize for the most baskets owned!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch basket house, my niece calls and says she knows a lady who has a bunch of baskets for sale.  Do we want to go with her to look at them?

This is what we saw.

So we're shopping, and looking, and drooling and I said to the lady, what do you want for all the baskets?  She hem-hawed for a second or two and said how about $$$ for everything!  Before I could even open my mouth, my sister shouted "SOLD".  I didn't even have time to react.  We loaded up the whole she-bang for a song or maybe I should say "happy dance"!  

By the time we got home, it was too late to divide them up so we're going to do that this evening.  I can't wait to see what I'll get out of the deal.  There are a couple of baskets that I have my eye on.  The lids have quilt blocks appliqued on them.  They are really calling my name.


  1. Those look like Longaberger baskets. Good quality stuff!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Please share pictures of the baskets that go home with you!

  3. I love baskets and those look so yummy (….drooling!!!) :o)

  4. Do you guys want to come and buy my baskets now!!! I was a consultant for a while myself and accumulated more then I will ever use. This year I donated a number of them to fundraisers for a local girl that was paralyzed in a sledding accident. I have decided that is the best way to reduce my numbers. You guys got some great baskets!! And they look like they are in great condition!!


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