Friday, March 28, 2014


I'm working on another top secret project.  I'm so impatient when it comes to these things.  I want to show you my progress so badly!  I get so excited about creating it.  It's a good thing I am in Missouri and can show it to my mom and my sister.  They keep really good secrets and they have awesome ideas to contribute to the project when I get a crafting block.  Is that anything like writer's block?

So since I can't show you the entire project or tell you what it's for yet, how about I tease you with some random shots of the project.

Hmmm.... will curiosity kill the cat??  Are these 3 pictures all the same project?  Any guesses what it might be or how it will look?  Oh, I'm so giddy with excitement to show you.  I think it turned out perfect!


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  1. Is this your flag ? I'm loving your burlap flower ! and R is for Rice....Anxious and excited for your reveal day !


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