Monday, March 24, 2014


My sister and I went "Junkin" on Saturday.  I personally love to go the the "flea markets" or "antique shops" that don't have shiny, bright, clean windows and may be off the beaten path just a little.  They tend to have better deals and prices.  Sometimes a little scavenging is required but that's part of the thrill of the find!

We however, went to the bright shiny window flea markets yesterday, but still found some good deals.  Not everything I'm going to show you I got yesterday.  I went by myself a couple of weeks ago locally and found some of these things.

First up is a set of 5 embroidered tea towels.  While the quality of the tea towel fabric could be just a little nicer, the quality of the embroidery was very nice.  One of the quilt groups I'm in, Loose Threads, exchanges tea towels.  Bingo, I have my gifts for that taken care of.

Then I found a nice large jar.  It will work great in my studio and will hold lots of cool things!  I love the large wide mouth on it.  I can get my hand all the way down in there.  I set a pint jar next to it just to show you the size.  The tag says it's an old coffee jar.  It's larger than a quart, maybe a half gallon??

I also picked up another insulator in the blue glass.  I'm going to set it in the window ledge in my bathroom, next to the smaller one I already have in there.

I got this intricate doily for a song.  It reminded me of the lemoyne star quilt pattern.  My first thought is to applique it to a background and make a focal center block for a quilt or wall hanging.

I also snagged this nice antique iron for only $8!

The King works for the 3M Company, sometimes more affectionately known as the Scotch Tape Company and any time I see an old Scotch product I always get it for him.   Score, there was a small tin and a large one!

Then I got another basket for my Longaberger basket collection.  I used to sell Longaberger baskets about 18 years ago an sold them for about 5 years so it's safe to say I own a couple or two! However I don't own all the the baskets in the JW collection.  There are 12 in the collection and they have a brass tag identifying them.  I own 3 and now 4. They are highly collectible and the early years are very hard to find.   I will probably never own all 12 of them as the first 2-3 will cost way more than my pockets are deep enough for.  I got this one for a very good price too!

Another product I used to sell, some uhmm... 30 years ago was Princess House Crystal.  I had a ton of that stuff.  Then when the King and I got married, I moved it more than once and decided enough was enough and sold almost all of it at an auction house.  There were lots of unique pieces and some only available to consultants.  It only brought pennies on the dollar and made me sick.  Now fast forward a decade or so and the King is now in management and we entertain on occassion, I sure could have used some of that crystal.  I picked up this compote bowl for only a couple of dollars.

While this isn't mine, I spotted it for Rhonda and she snagged it for herself.  It was a good deal, only $30, and in really good shape. A nice find for her.  Some of the pink is faded more than others, which tells me the pink fabric isn't all the same.  It only has one brown spot on the back and I think that will come out with some Retro Clean soak.

My last purchase of the day was a fun, what in the world will I do with this, kind of purchase.  But I just couldn't pass it up.  I've blown $15 on lunch many times and had nothing to show for it but a few extra pounds, so why not have this?  How cool is it??  Will I ever use it?  Probably not, but it will look very fitting in my studio with my other "blast from the past" things I don't really need.  Besides, I have to leave plenty of junk for my kids to sift through when I've crossed over to the other side.  And I give the packers and movers job security!

Do you go "junkin" or are you trying to get rid of your "junk" treasures?  I hope you enjoyed the hunt with me.



  1. Oh Doris, you are a girl after my own heart!! I LOVE to treasure hunt!! And I have a very limited budget - so love great finds!!! Your finds are priceless!! Way to go!!! All of my daughters got my "junking" gene, so we love to get together and go!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. Oh, I love your Ironrite!!! Just perfect for pressing yardage and quilt backs! Love to go antiquing - don't often buy but it's fun to look!


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