Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Why can't I get as much done here in Missouri that I do when I'm at home in Texas? It doesn't seem like I've accomplished much since I've been here.  I'm trying to catch up on William's scrapbooks (I haven't scrapbooked anything since 2006) and they are eating my lunch!  Mom and I (mostly mom) have been working diligently and we are making good progress.  I have been sifting though pictures on my computer and when I don't have what I need, I sift through the cd's mom has in a very large file box; at least she has them by year!  The photo tab at Walmart.com is my best friend these days.  So far I've printed all the pictures through 2010 and have the sorted and somewhat laid out in order.

In the mean time, I'm having some major sewing withdraws so yesterday and today I've been glued to the sewing machine.  I'm making lots of progress there too but there isn't much I can show you.  I have finished the quilt for the gallery showcase at Quiltmaker for the block that will appear in Volume 9 in May.  I've designed and submitted another block for Volume 10. I've been finishing up one of the projects for the Ruffles blog hop and it is sooo cute!  You're gonna love it.

Here's what I can show you though.  Surely it's okay to show you the label on the quilt made from the block I designed for Quiltmaker Magazine Volume 9 that's coming out in May.  I promise the label nor the binding is crooked; it's just the lousy photographer taking these pictures!

I'm finally caught up on a couple of my blocks of the month.  These are the Five and Dime blocks from B & B Quilts in Buda, TX.

Six more blocks are complete for the Farmer's Wives BOM at Quilts With A Heart.

And month 2 of the Log Cabin Houses at Quilts With A Heart is almost complete.  Do you see anything wrong with this house block though?  When I was making the 6" block that goes in the house, my pieces I had pre-cut weren't matching up with what I was trying to put together according to the directions.  And of course, after it was too late, I realized I was trying to sew month 2 pieces with month 1 directions.  No wonder it wasn't working so when I get home, I'll have to re-cut month 2 pieces and make the block there.

And month 1 of the online challenge at Quilts With A Heart Quilted Angels Club is complete.

I guess I'm making better progress than I realized.  Today I also worked on the project for the first month of Little Jo's Club at Quilts With A Heart.  I'll show you that progress, maybe even the finished quilt top in a day or two.  Tomorrow is a scrapbooking day.  My sister, Jacque, who lives in Kansas is coming to visit for the day.  I wonder if she knows she's coming to scrapbook too?!  :)


  1. Yes, you have been productive! Love all your blocks.... But especially the Farmer's Wife blocks. Very impressive! Looking forward to the big reveals of your top secret work and ruffles project!

  2. You have been able to get a lot done. Individual blocks can take a long time just deciding on fabric placement. They look great!

  3. Looks like your getting a lot done and very pretty too!


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