Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I am really, really lousy at taking good pictures of my projects and quilts.  And yesterday's post about the Kona Cotton projects was no exception.  Therefore, I owe you, my loyal readers, an apology.  And I promise to do whatever I can to improve on my photo taking abilities.

My awesome friend Vickie at More Stars In Comanche gave me a few tips today at Guild and I hope they have helped just a little.  She told me I have fabulous projects and quilting but you couldn't tell that from my pictures.  Ouch!  But thank you so much Vickie for giving me a heads up.  I really needed it.

I have also contacted a local freelance photographer and have asked her to come over and give me some pointers on how to take better pictures of my quilts for my blog.  Mind you, I have no expectations to become the photographer she is, but I am hoping I'll at least improve.

Here are some updated pictures of the Kona projects.



  1. Great job. These photos do show off the beautiful quilting and your wonderful projects.

  2. already such an improvement..you have delightful designs, we want to see them….wink…well done!


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