Thursday, January 23, 2014


This weekend I presented my Texas Beauties Trunk Show at the San Saba Quilt Show.  The theme for this year's show was "Texas Our Texas".... ah right down my alley.  Although I was disappointed with the title on their program; it read "The Doris Rice Trunk Show".  I only had a small crowd for the presentation.  Personally I'm not sure I would have taken time to see what the "Doris Rice Trunk Show" was or have gone out of my way to attend it either.

The Show was a little unique for me, but I really liked it.  There were 2 categories of quilts and several vendors crammed into a vacant building on their courthouse square.  There were quilts in the Antique category hanging in the local antique/consignment shop.  The local winery had the "artsy" quilts and the local bank lobby hung the Wall Hanging size quilts.  They hosted a bed turning and a quilt appraiser was on hand to appraise your quilt.  She also gave a lecture in the afternoon.  The whole town was on board with their first annual quilt show.  Several businesses hung quilts in their windows or outside on their porch/property. They also had a "driving" tour where quilts were hung on porches and railings and rocking chairs at several of the old plantation style homes.

I'll share a few of the pictures I took along the way.

This was the registration building.

A Texas quilt setting I haven't seen before.

Carpenter's Star is a favorite of mine and double favorite out of Texas Bluebonnet fabric.

Oh look, This quilt looks familiar.  Could it be?  Why yes it is.  This Snapshots of Texas Quilt belongs to the Queen.

I did this quilt pattern but this one looks completely different from mine.  

This is a small wall hanging.  What a cute way to display all those "quilt block" pins you pick up at shows.

Another small quilt.  These are 1" squares.

These are also 1" squares.  The quilt top was never quilted but just hemmed along the edge.  

This shadow box frame displays a tribute to the quilt maker above.  Included are the leftover 1" squares, a picture of the quilt maker and a story about how the quilt came to be.

Look at all the quilts hanging from the 2nd story railing.

I own an embroidery quilt just like this light turquoise one.  Mine was purchased at an auction and is set together with pink.

Every quilt has a story and this one has an interesting one.  Glad she didn't cut it up for a craft after all.

I have more pictures of the bed turning and of the driving tour I'll share with you tomorrow.



  1. I'm so sad that I forgot about the quilt show!! Thanks for the tour!!


  2. Thanks for a fun trip to the show! It was especially fun to see a quilt made from a pattern by a local friend of mine. The boots, hats, stars and hearts!

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