Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Did you see all the awesome projects in the Wake up to Kona Blog hop?  I hope so.  There are some very talented ladies out there in blogland.  I was disappointed that I didn't make the top 2 for the day but there WAS some stiff competition.  :(  Oh well, maybe next time; like in this up and coming blog hop. Sew we quilt

Ok, back to Geese Circling New York.... I have paper pieced before, just not a New York Beauty.  The name in itself is a bit intimidating.

This is one arc.  I had already trimmed one side of the arc before I took this picture.
Both sides of the arc trimmed.

And the other section of the arc.

Now the fun part begins.  Removing the paper from the backing.  I usually don't remove the paper before I sew the two seams together.  However I tried to do it before I removed the paper and it was.... well lets just say it wasn't very fun with paper in a curved seam.  So I removed the paper along the edge I was going to sew and it was much, much easier.

Wow, look, almost a quarter section finished.  Just need to add the center arc and add the 4 sections together to make this a small wall hanging.  It finishes 23" x 23".  

And TA DA!   Here it is.  

I used a variegated metallic thread to quilt it.

And if I had it to do over again, I would NOT have put the white dotted print in the inner circle.  I would have made it black also.  Oh well, I still like it a lot and can check the New York Beauty off my bucket list of quilts to make.

Have you made a New York Beauty?  Do you have any plans to make one?  I love hearing about your quilting journey and bucket list.  Leave me a comment and tell me all about it.



  1. Beautiful!!!! Never even heard of it until now And curved piecing is always hard for me but that really is pretty!

  2. It is stunning!! I've never made one and don't seem to have one on my list of things to make. But I love to paper piece!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful.....and I have not ever heard of this pattern......I love the precision of paper piecing, but hate tearing the paper off.....

  4. this is gorgeous, takes one breath away. love your FMQ. thanks for sharing

  5. Your Geese Circling New York is the quilt that inspired me to take my first paper piecing class yesterday...making New York Beauty!! I really want to make Geese Circling New York just like yours - love the colors you chose - so perfect!!! I have always loved curved flying geese, so now I am on the right path to make you for myself!

    1. Well, I won't make you, but I'll make ONE for myself! Oops :)

  6. Very, very pretty! I'm impressed beyond words!! Wonderful job!!

    Blessings and hugs!


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