Friday, January 3, 2014


I almost forgot, well actually I did forget, but realized I didn't share with you the quilts I made for Christmas gifts.

William got 2 quilts for Christmas.  He requested a bed quilt that he'll use as a bed spread and he and I worked on the design together; which I shared with you here.  He also mentioned that he wanted a lap quilt in MSU colors but then didn't mention it again so I was hoping he'd kinda forgot about it.  I don't know if he really forgot about it or if he just thought there was no way his mom was going to make him 2 quilts for Christmas.  Here is the lap quilt, which translates to a twin size quilt for him.

I quilted circles all over in maroon thread.

And an embroidered label (with my new found talent obsession).

I made this simple quilt for my great nephew.  He's only 2.  His "pappa" owns a construction business and Paytin loves equipment that reminds him of Pappa.  Anytime he sees a piece of equipment like Pappa's, he repeats "Pappa" over and over.  When I saw this panel I knew it was a perfect gift for him.  I pieced the black and yellow border.

Ovals, that resembled rocks were quilted on it with Mother Goose colored thread.  A label was made for this too but no picture.

My granddaughter Josie got this quilt called 123 Down By The Sea.  It's an interaction, counting quilt.   The orginal pattern was suppose to have a panel that you cut apart in the outer border but I didn't buy it.  I made a scrappy border instead, using up some stash.

The flying geese are actually prairie points that you lift and have the written number behind them.

And the center panel is a seek and find for the number blocks around it.  There is 1 sun in the number block and 1 sun in the center panel, 2 sand castles in the number block and 2 sand castles in the center panel, and so on.  I also made an embroidered label for this one but somehow didn't get a picture of it either.

I also made her a small pillow to match, which she loved!

Then she laid the quilt out flat and walked around it, stepping on each rectangle block in the border.

And then I made a little doll quilt, flannel receiving blanket, and doll pillow for my great niece Ryelyn but really dropped the ball and didn't get a picture of it either.  :(

I make a homemade ornament each year for the kids, and now the grand kids.  This year I made this cute little Spool Gingerbread man.   
There is one for William, the 4 grand kids, and a family one for Hollie & Kyle and Drew & Bethany and of course one for us.

I personalized and dated them on the bottom.

They were pretty quick and easy, which I needed, with these paint pens and and this long bodkin tube turning thing-y.  How's that for an official name for that tool.

I also gave my aunt and uncle a quilt, it was one of my BOM's that I made a couple of years ago and never got around to quilting.  I know I took a picture of it but it has magically disappeared from my camera.  Hmm.... darn those camera grimlins.



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