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So two days ago, or was that just yesterday, I posted pictures about the San Saba Quilt Show.  I mentioned that they had a bed turning.  Well, you know I took pictures.  Want to see them.  Why of course you do.

I am always so intrigued by antique quilts and the stories they tell.  The workmanship if so fabulous, especially when you consider the fabrics, lighting, tools, etc. they had to work with those many, many years ago.  I'm also studying to become a certified quilt appraiser so this is right up my alley.  When the bed turning first started, I got caught up in the awe of the quilts that I forgot to take notes.  My sincere apologies to the first quilt owners for not giving you credit.   I did my best to get the names right but I may have butchered the spelling.  Again I apologize.  But I sure hope you enjoy the bed turning as much as I did.

Look at the neat quilting on this Lone Star.  We're in Texas you know, so there had to be a long star quilt at the bed turning.

This quilt belongs to a dear friend of mine, Pat Karnes.  Only I didn't know she had the treasure in her possession until they said her name.  It was made in 1842.  That, my friends, was a very long time ago!  It is in prestine condition!  I suspect that parts of the  flowers were red at one time and the green was more vibrant too.  

A nursery rhyme quilt.  The aligator is quite interesting in the lower left corner.  The only conclusion is that it goes with Captain Hook next to him.  

The State Flowers quilt was made in 1912 and is set together in alphabetic order.

The next several quilts are owned by Mary Anna Beard of Lomita.  If I understood correctly they were made by a relative Tarrell Caseveer of Brownwood TX.  This one was made in 1935.

A string quilt set together in pink, made by a man.  Assumptions are that he probably made it for one of his daughters.

Check out the back of the string quilt.  The chicken feed sacks are the backing, complete with the printing.

Indian Hatchet


Bowties from shirtings.

Jacob's ladder

This quilt the owner titled "A Quilt Without A Story" because she know nothing about it.

Another version of a butterfly quilt.

This Improved Four Patch pattern quilt does have a story.  The owner was traveling down I-35 in Texas, headed north bound when she saw what appeared to be a quilt on the side of the interstate on the southbound side.  Yes, her husband turned the car around and went back.  He pulled over to the side, the lady opened her door and snatched it up and threw it in the backseat.  Which landed on top of her daughter, dirt, grim , and all!  She said her husband barely even stopped.  She took it home and washed it and this is what she got.  So she calls it the I-35 Rescue!

Hope you enjoyed the bed turning.  The next few photos are the driving tour part of the quilt show.  I should have gotten out of the car to take more pictures but my feet were tired and I was hungry!  A girl has priorities you know.



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