Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 UFO's

I can't believe January 2014 is half over!  I hope this is no indication of how the rest of the year is going to fly by.  I realized I hadn't posted my 2014 UFO list.  I didn't do so well last year in finishing my UFO's.  I only completed 4 of the 12 I had listed.

This year I have 14 UFO's.

1.  Dear Jane (in red, white, and blue).  I didn't work on a single block last year.  :(
2.  Dear Jane (in 30's prints).  Again, I didn't work on a single block last year :(  :(
3.  Snowman A-Z Embroider.  I have already finished the embroidery work on 2 blocks so far this year.
4.  Texas Pieced Applique.  Nope, didn't work on this one last year either.
5.  Queen and Her Court Crown Jewels BOM.  I did work on the pieced blocks.  Made 6 or 8.  I'm not sure??
6.  Red and Black Bargello.  It's going to be hard to pick this one up again.  The reason I set it aside is because I got mixed up on the bargello strip layout and now I have a huge mess.  It just may be a scrappy red and black utility quilt.
7.  Hollie & Kyle's Wedding Quilt.  I did work on this a little around their anniversary in Sept.  
8.  Strip Happy - at least this one was started in 2013 at a class from Bonnie Hunter.
9.  Devin's T-Shirt Quilt - I started this one in 2013 too.  I'll have to finish it soon as I traded this quilt for a harvest table that my nephew is making me.
10.  UT T-shirt Quilt - gonnna try to finish this one by graduation this year.
11.  New York Beauty - started at a class and haven't picked it up since!
12.  Bunny Twister - I set this one aside frustrated with the creepy crawly minkee and chenille.
13.  Stars and Stripes Sampler.  Got a couple of blocks done.
14.  Spring Bouquet BOM - I worked on several blocks and the pieced border.

I have already have 3 BOM's in progress and this month I started 2 more.

1.  Row by Row in progress and up to date
2.  Seasonal Mystery in progress and up to date for my blog
3.  Five and Dime Mystery in progress and only 1 month behind because I haven't been to pick it up
4.  House Log Cabin started this month and up to date
5.  Farmer's Wife started this month.  Fabric is picked out.  Does that count?

I also have 19 quilt tops with backing prepared and ready and waiting for me to quilt.

How many UFO's do you have?  Do you have as many as I do?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  


  1. Doris -- if this is EVERYTHING on your UFO list, I'm impressed. I'm afraid my list is quite a bit longer. 35 quilts in progress and another 39 tops and that's after two block sets were repurposed, a top was completed and a quilt has been quilted! Now, if I can just stay focused on the 20 or so quilts that are on my list for THIS year to either get quilted or make into a top.

  2. Thanks for the idea to Make A List of ALL the projects in progress!
    Then go from there:) Maybe it isn 't as bad as I think it is, LOL!
    It 's a start for sure.

  3. I probably have at least twice that many--I'm afraid to count them all because I am already stressed out thinking about what I have started this year!


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