Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I still can't believe it's a new year and 2014 has a lot in store for me.  First of all my baby graduates from high school and in just 5 short months!  Which brings me to the reason I started a weight loss plan this week.  Otherwise I wouldn't be too worried about it.  I am what I am.  I love food; love to eat, love to cook!  However, do you have any idea how many pictures I'll be in in all those graduation photos?  Too many!  So, instead of looking like a beached whale, I'm gonna look like a ..... Oh who knows what I'll look like.

I have survived 6 days of a healthy eating kick.  Yesterday I fixed the infamous cabbage soup

And chopped some extra onion, green pepper, and mushrooms and sauteed them for my scrambled eggs.

 And then I packaged the extra celery, carrots, and peppers for snacking later.
And I've finished my first two projects of 2014.  I made this baby quilt for Hollie to give to one of her friends in Japan who is expecting a little girl.  I quilted and bound it and sent it in the mail already.  Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the top quilted.

And I quilted this little wall hanging, just in time for Christmas next year.

Well, I've finished more than that but I can't show you the other projects yet.  They're for a couple of up and coming blog hops.  Like this oneSew we quilt and this one  Sew we quilt or maybe this one Sew we quilt



  1. I love cabbage soup, I should totally make it more often.. not so much the one from the infamous cabbage soup diet, but just plain old fashioned cabbage soup and it's still healthy cookin.. Bet it was yummy.

  2. Love your blog. Why not post a before picture for inspiration. It always helps me & will give you & us for to ohh & ahhh over the end results.

  3. Try the 17 day diet by Dr. Mike Moreno! I lost 27 kilos on that one in 8 months....It is not easy.....but it really does work and keeps you healthy! To be totally honest with you. I stopped smoking on November 11th and then the holiday season (and all the chocolate that comes with it) hit...and then I was really miserable (and all the chocolate that comes with that). So I have started again last Monday! I wish you loads of determination and success. You will look stunning in those pictures.

  4. I understand why your losing weight, but your a beautiful person already inside and out ! I'm rootin for you !


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