Sunday, January 5, 2014


Why am I always a day late and a dollar, okay maybe a few dollars short?  I still have quilts I haven't shown you from 2013 but this should finish it up.  We're already 5 days into 2014 and I have new quilts to show you too.

Linda made this for her 15 year old grandson, Ian

I quilted skulls and crossbones on it in grey thread.

I love the fabric and fussy cutting for the eyes and mouth.

Debora made this quilt for her daughter and son in law. 

I'm not a fan of "modern quilting" and I struggle with it every time I do it.  I put a pattern called Square Pegs in a Round Hole.

She also asked me to make a label for it.  
Marilyn made this for her grandson.  She was very creative with the shield.  She said it represented God's love shielding him.  

"Courage" cornerstone.

This pattern in the piano keys was actually a Dresden Plate blade pattern.  I really like how it looks like a sword (at least I thought so).  

She hand picked certain Bible verses and hand embroidered them.

Rita in MO snatched this quilt from her grandmother's collection of quilt tops.  I think it was a great snatch.  And I haven't seen a LeMoyne Star pieced so perfectly by hand.  It was well stitched and even laid flat, with no puckers.  That doesn't happen very often in those older quilts grandma pieced by hand and cut out with scissors instead of a rotary cutter.  

I quilted feathers in white thread.

My friend Cindy, from MO pieced this for a co-worker on commission.  The co-worker found the blocks in her mother-in law's things.  She's going to surprise her husband for Christmas.  Hope he likes pink.  (tehehe)

I must have been on a roll with the feathers pattern.  I did this one in feathers too in white thread.

And last, but not least, Rita in MO also did this sweet baby quilt.  It is so simple, yet functional.  Some lucky baby will have sweet dreams on this. 

There are little yellow rubber duckies wearing sailor hats in the blue print.  I quilted rubber duckies in yellow thread to match.



  1. You've been very busy ! The quilting was perfect for each quilt.

  2. Wow! You are so creative! I love your quilts from your earlier post and am always amazed by your quilting!!


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