Sunday, December 8, 2013


This little elf has been busy.  I know you know that as I've posted teasers on Facebook.  Guess I've kept you in suspense long enough.  Are you ready for some pictures?

Linda made this for a name she drew in her quilting group she belongs to.  Don't you wish you belonged to Linda's quilting group and she had your name?!

I quilted an edge to edge Modern Christmas Trees by Wasatch Quilting with Glide Key Lime thread.

Linda has been a busy elf herself.  This is a Trip Around The World made with bricks (rectangles).  She says it's so fast and easy!

I quilted the Fern Damask edge to edge by Wasatch Quilting with Glide thread.

Jessica has an Eagles fan that is going to be so excited to get this quilt for Christmas.  

I quilted Football Fun from Wasatch Quilting with Signature Gray thread.

Lane made this cute ABC baby quilt.

I quilted Circles All Over by Wasatch Quilting. 

Don't you love her backing?  I'm betting this was a border along the ABC panel and Lane put it to good use.

This quilt belongs to Joy.  Her grandmother pieced these together.  A good old fashioned utility quilt!

I quilted feather all over from Wasatch Quilting with Signature  Mother Goose thread.

Laura made this Carpenter's Star with Stonehenge fabrics.  I just love it.  But you knew I would.  It's also red, white, and blue.  

I did custom quilting on this one; using a variety of patterns from Wasatch Quilting with a Glide Sand thread that gives the appearance of a gold metallic thread.

The back is just a beautiful as the front.  

Now how was that for a busy week?  Can you tell my favorite pattern designer for quilting is Wasatch Quilting.  I own a lot of her patterns.  Of course it doesn't help that I belong to her pattern of the month club and I get a who new group of patterns each month.



  1. How wonderful to get to see my quilt online! I LOVED seeing the others too and am super impressed with your pattern and thread choices on them all! Hope you get all your "projects" completed before Christmas and thanks for getting mine done too!

  2. Oh and...I do wish I was Linda's friend and in her quilting group!


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