Saturday, December 21, 2013


You've all heard of UFO's (Un-Finished Objects)  and we all have quite a few of them; sometimes more than we care to admit or count.  I'll be posting my UFO's for 2014 soon.  However, Cat Patches has a little thing called NewFO's.  And it gives me guilt free permission to start something that I've wanted to start but told myself I wasn't going to start something until I finished a UFO.  Now what kind of fun is that?

2014 NewFO Challenge

So..... here is what I'm planning to start (and maybe finished or maybe not) in 2014.  I'd post pictures of them but I'm not at home and the deadline to enter is tomorrow.

January 2014 - Summer Picnic - after spending 10 days in the frozen tundra of MO with ice and snow, and frigid cold temps, I'm going to need something to make me think warm.   I've had this kit for this quilt for 5 years or more and I'm ready to start it.

February 2014 - Swimsuit Edition  - it's still not warm enough so to spur the warm weather in a little quicker, I'm still sending telepathic vibes.  I have a panel that is curvaceous ladies in swimsuits and it need to be in a quilt.

March 2014 - Something Irish - And no, it won't be a Double Irish Chain.  I'm thinking St. Patty's day table runner or wall hanging.

April 2014 - Hopping Down the Bunny Trail - Another panel I purchased years ago that I want to make in a quilt.  I've decided 2014 is the year for holiday quilts

May 2014 - A Very Hungry Caterpillar - Yep, another panel I purchased years ago and I have a granddaughter who's going to be 6.  She needs all the "stuff" I bought to go with the quilt too.  There's a book, a puzzle, another book you can color, and some sort of game that I've forgotten exactly what it is but I know it's a game of some sort.

June 2014 - A Double Wedding Ring - It's been on my bucket list for years and my good friend Angela at Quilts With A Heart has a new ruler to make it oh so very simple.

July 2014 - Independence Celebration - I have a whole tote (a very large one at that) full of red, white, and blue fabrics, fat quarters, and panels.  The hard part will be to pick just one and go with it.

August 2014 - I have a pattern for a pillow that uses wool applique.  I've never done anything with wool and I've been "collecting" it for a while now.  I should have enough to get started on this cute pillow.

September 2014 - A red and white school house quilt.  Don't know why, I'm not a school teacher but have always like them.

October 2014 - Can't decide if I want to do pumpkins or fall leaves.  Maybe I'll start both.

November 2014 - How could I go a whole year without making a Texas Quilt?  But this time I think I'll make a table runner or maybe place mats.  Or maybe both?

December 2014 - A year for holiday quilts wouldn't be complete without another Christmas Quilt.  I want to do a red work Santa quilt.

Whew!  I did it.  I thought of something new to start for every single month!  What are you going to start?  Quick, hop on over and link up what you're going to do for a chance to win too!


  1. It sounds to me like your going to have a year of fun !

  2. Oh, you have some cute projects on your list. Glad you'll be joining us.

  3. I know it has been really nasty up here Doris but you have to admit it is good sewing weather. I'm excited to see all of these projects take place.


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