Friday, December 6, 2013


Do you name your "things".  You know, like your car or sewing machine or longarm?  I don't.  Never have.  I read about people who do and call them by name on their blogs, facebook posts, etc.  I just never got it and never have done it.  I've had my longarm machine for 5 years and it's been nameless and we've got along just fine. 

Well today, my longarm machine was making a strange noise.  Kind of a quiet squealing noise, kinda like an air conditioner belt makes on a vehicle sometimes.  I kept looking at it and thinking okay Queenie don't quit on me now.  I have too many quilts left to quilt before Christmas.  And then it occurred to me, Oh my gosh.... I'm calling my longarm by name....  "Queenie".    I'm one of "THOSE" people! 

So far Queenie hasn't quit and I'm 2 quilts closer to being done today.  But I still have 2 full weeks to go before she can rest.  I hope she can make it at least that long. 



  1. You better grease your Queenie !

  2. YIKES -bet you were panicking just a bit (even though you prolly don't "do" that either!


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