Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Ok, it's official!  The holiday stress level has hit it's max with me.  I thought I was doing pretty good this year.  After all, I had already made 3 quilts and they were already quilted.  I had also done some shopping and got the package in the mail to Japan to all my babies over there.  (Of course, it was missing a few things I really wanted to put in there and didn't get purchased or made.  But if they were going to get a package before Christmas, I knew it HAD to get in the mail now!)  Pretty good for me!

And then yesterday afternoon it hit me.  I only have 9 days before we leave to go to Missouri for Christmas and here is the list of things I have to accomplish before I leave.

1.  Put the binding and label on Josie's quilt
2.  Put the binding and label on William's lap quilt.
3.  Quilt, label and bind Paytin's quilt.
4.  Quilt, label and bind Ryelyn's doll quilt plus a pillow case to match
5.  Make William 2 pillow cases.
6.  Make Emmett's stocking
7.  Deliver Quilts to quilt shop in Buda on Saturday
8.  Attend Loose Threads Quilt Group on Sunday
9.  Attend Guild Christmas Party on Tuesday
10.  Put the borders on William's bed quilt, quilt, label and bind it
11.  Quilt 3 more customer quilts
12.  Make 8 ornaments

Did I mention I haven't wrapped a thing yet?  Guess that makes #13.  And who knows what else I have to do that I haven't thought of or written down.

I swear every year I'm not going to do this and every year I do it.  Some years my family gets "quilt kits" for Christmas that I finish later but I'm determined to get it all done and you know what... I probably will. Gregg suggested we leave a day to two later so I could finish.  NO WAY!  I DON'T THINK SO!  I'm going on Saturday and I'll take things with me to finish there if I have to.

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  1. Just know you're not alone. 2 years ago I finally made a quilt for husband after much gentle nudging (read nagging) on his part. But on Christmas morning he got it with the binding machine sewn onto the quilt but folded over and pinned. He gently asked if it was supposed to look like that. I laughed and pulled out my needle and thread. Last year my daughter and dear SIL received their queen sized quilt half quilted. I finished it at quilt retreat in JULY!! This year I was bound and determined to have all my quilts (a twin for each of 2 grandbabies and KINGSIZED for my son) finished before Thanksgiving so I could do Bonnie Hunter's mystery. Guess what? I worked! I just needed the right incentive I guess. Oh, BTW, hubby's quilt still needs the label, lol. Don't stress it. Merry Christmas.


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