Friday, December 27, 2013


Today my bestie (for more years than I can remember, from my hometown) and I went "Junk'n".  We both love to go to flea markets, antique stores, junk stores, estate auctions; call it whatever you want.  We love to do it and we will convince the other one that we "need" it if there's a dilemma on whether or not to jump off the deep end and purchase something.  My hubby just cringes when we take off down the road together!

Today was no exception.  I forgot to take pictures of her purchases but here's what I jumped off and brought home with me.
Of course you should have known that I might find a quilt.  I love Grandmother's Flower Garden.  This is is pretty tattered and worn on the edges but I'm thinking I can cut it down and put a new binding on it and it will be just perfect!

A couple of months ago mom and my sister and I looked all over creation for a sign like this to cover the electrical panel in the new rec room, aka Dad's pool hall, they just added on to their home.  We finally settled on something else.  However, I couldn't pass this one up.  He can put it on another wall in the rec room.  

My mom collects this "Orange Poppy" pottery by Hall's China Co.  It is very hard to find and is usually a bit pricey when you do find it.  This bean pot didn't have a lid but I bought it for a song because of that.

The booth I bought this counted cross stitch picture in had tons of counted cross stitch pieces in it and nothing was more than $20.  No way, no how would I ever do this for that price.

I couldn't pass this small quilt up.  It was only $4

These were in the same booth as the counted cross stitch pictures.  They're make nice gifts next Christmas.

And two more pint jars in blue to add to the ones I already have; again for a song.

These two Hallmark Barbie ornaments are in a series Dolls of the World.  The Native American is the first in the series and the Mexican Barbie is the third in the series. I think I have another one at home or maybe it's now at Hollie's home.  She's the owner of the Barbie ornaments.  Either way, I'll work on collecting the rest of them in the series and give them to one of the granddaughters.  

Many years ago I used to sell Longaberber baskets so it goes without saying that I own quite a few; not as many as my sister Rhonda though.  However, I only own 2 of the 12 baskets in the JW Collection.  This is the JW Two Pie Basket from 1986.  I also own the 1988 JW Gathering Basket and the 1994 JW Umbrella basket.  I had to use great restraint as the booth had at least 6 more in the collection that I don't own.  And the extra bonus was that they were on sale 30% off! 

Those who know me well, please don't faint.  I'm actually planning ahead for next Christmas.  (That's twice in one day I've done that!) These two sweet little crocheted angel ornaments were only $1.50.  I don't crochet, but even if I did, I wouldn't sell them for $1.50.  There is more work than that in them.  I'll give them to my granddaughters next year for the homemade ornament I always give them.  

And last but not least, NO!  I didn't buy this!!! But, I really wanted to bring this jewel home with me.  However, I really used restraint and didn't.  I told my hubby it's a good thing we had to go by the meat packer and pick up our 1/2 beef and mom and dad's half or it would have been mine.  There wasn't room in the vehicle for both meat and a cabinet.  Can't you just see all some of my quilts in it.  If it's meant to be, the next time I'm home, I'll check to see if it's still there and maybe then it will get to come home with me.

So, I think I did pretty good today.  I got some good buys, planned ahead for next Christmas, and had the best time with my girlfriend.  It really doesn't get much better than that.


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