Thursday, December 19, 2013


We recently had our Quilt Guild Christmas Party Meeting.  One of our members, Doniene (who is also a fellow blogger It's Just Quilts Now)  definitely goes the extra mile when she plans to come to a meeting. And I say that with tongue in cheek when I say the extra mile.  You see it's a long way to Doniene's house, back in the sticks cactus and mesquite trees.  She drives down a dozen or more (well it seemed like that many) different roads and turns, cow paths, and cattle guards just to get to the main highway and an hour +/- she's finally at Guild.  I don't know about her trips to Guild but our trip to her house was certainly worth it.

Her house is very unique and of course comes with a story.  You can read about her house journey here.  I was in awe in every room.  I kept going back and seeing something different every time I went into a room. I'll share my pictures but they won't do it justice.  You really need to be there to get the feel of the "ranch".

I just love her iron Christmas tree and how she decorates with old fashion cedar that she cut from her pasture.

 Doesn't this porch look so inviting?  It was a beautiful warm day.  I could have "sat a spell" here but there was a party going on inside. :)

What a neat stairway.  

Doniene's bedroom (and most all the rooms) had plenty of quilts, both old and new to make it feel warm and comfy, cozy.

And who would have thought to use those old worn and tattered quilts as window treatments.  She found these in an old trunk in the barn.  Someone just couldn't part with them and stuck them there out of the way.  

And this is a piece I'd love to own myself.

How cool, an old O'keefe and Merritt stove with a double oven.  I used to own an old stove like this in a house we lived in in Missouri and I loved it.  But mine didn't have the double oven.  And look at all that space on the stove top.

Can you see what these tab curtains are hanging from?  If not, they are old wooden spools.  Too cute!

And a re-purposed drying rack hung on the wall for a quilt rack.  

Check out this shower.  An old water trough!  I tell you she is one creative woman who was blessed with the decorating gene for sure!

After good food, much visiting, and a short business meeting, the real fun began.  We played the quarter game (with fabric fat quarters of course) and look who won.  Miss Angela got all those fat quarters!

Can you tell she's one happy quilter!

We ended our day with a drive to Brady for some retail therapy at the Gypsy Market Quilt Shop and Serenity Quilts Shop.  Not bad for a girl's day out at the end of a dirt road.  I hope she invites us back next year.  



  1. I'm so happy you got all the pictures I was wishing I had taken. She has the coolest house, I'm so glad she invited us...I had a blast !

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