Sunday, November 10, 2013


I know you've all heard the expression, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  And to some extent that may be true but I'm here to tell you this old dog hopefully learned some new tricks this weekend.  I spent the weekend in San Antonio at a Statler Stitcher Training Workshop.  It was fabulous!!!!

Our instructor, TJ from Stitch Happy was our fearless leader.  She had her work cut out for her.   There were 11 others just like me... old dogs trying to learn new tricks.  And I'm happy to say I think she did a fabulous job.  I know I learned so much.  If I retain half of what I learned and get to use it on your quilts before I forget it, it was well worth my time and money. 

To summarize briefly, I learned how to use SAM (Stand Alone Mode) on Creative Studio (the computer program that runs my machine).  I can now design quilting for your quilt on my laptop while sitting in my recliner and then copy it to a disk and take it to the studio and quilt it out.  Now, wasn't that just as clear as mud to you.  Yep, some of it was to me too.  I learned how to convert a pattern to point to point.  I bet you know exactly what that means don't you?  And I learned how to "fill" a block with a background pattern in a block around applique or embroidery.  I took a lot of other notes on how to do things and maybe I will remember them and maybe not. 

I also learned how to pin a picture of some of my own quilts to Pinterest!  Not that really had anything to do with my Statler Stitcher but I was pretty excited to know how to do that!  We laughed a lot, ate too much, and had the best time together.  I can't wait to do it again next year.

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  1. First of all, the layout is very pretty. And I am happy you have a nice instructor. All the best with your venture.


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