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    Do you have a family tradition at Thanksgiving or a favorite dish you always make?  We do.  When I tell people in the South what it is, they just look at me like I have 3 eyeballs!  We always make homemade egg noodles.  Apparently it's a Yankee thing.  
    My mom has always made them.  However, she has shingles this year and isn't feeling well at all.  She told me she was going to go buy frozen egg noodles.  I told her not to bother, just do without because they wouldn't taste the same and no one would be happy.  We'd just do without or if time permitted. I would make them when I got there if she would supervise.  I recruited my sister and we made noodles Sunday afternoon. We use a pasta machine to roll and cut them out but you can do it by hand. I'll show you that too.  Would you like to know how to make them ?

    Here's the recipe:  HOMEMADE EGG NOODLES

    2 eggs
    4 tbsp. evaporated milk
    2 cups of flour

    Now here's how to do it. 
    Break the 2 eggs in a large bowl and beat vigorously with a fork.  Add 4 tablespoons of canned evaporated milk and beat again.

    Now add 2 cups of flour and stir with a fork.  
    You may need to finish mixing with your hands to knead in all the flour.  You don't want it "sticky".

    Form a ball with about 1/3 to 1/2 of the dough.  Kinda flatten it out so it will go into the pasta machine. 

We roll it through once on the "2" setting.

 Then we fold the ends together in the middle and bring the sides in a little to make a nice neat rectangle.

Dust it with a little more flour and roll it through the pasta machine again on the "2" setting.

Dust it with a little flour again and now roll it through the pasta machine on the "4" setting. It's ready to cut into noodles.

Run it through the pasta machine to cut the noodles. It helps if someone is on the receiving end of the machine to catch the noodles as they come out. If you just drape them over your hand you can then easily add them to the drying rack a whole bunch at a time.

 Let them dry on the drying rack at least overnight.

Now, if you don't have a fancy, dancy pasta machine, you can still make noodles.  How do you think they made them back in the day, before pasta machines were invented or poor people couldn't afford them. (Well, not necessary because poor people couldn't afford them.  Grandma Cotten didn't have a pasta machine and I'm sure if she wanted one and they were available she could have bought one.  She just didn't see the need when she had a rolling pin that would do the trick.)

So if you don't have a pasta machine, roll the dough out thin, like pie crust but maybe a little thinner, dust with flour and roll it up.

With a knife, cut thin strips about 1/4" (or a scant 1/4" inch... see, you can even apply quilting terms to other things.)  Once cut, unroll them and hang on the drying rack to dry.

Or there's one more way to cut noodles.  You could have purchased this fancy, dancy pasta cutter to cut your noodles with.

It didn't quite work as well as dad thought it would.  Or maybe it was the operator, or the fact that it IS an antique and lots of old things don't work like they used to (even me!).
It was hard to separate the strips.  

Just look at all those noodles drying on the rack.  They're making my mouth water already. 

When you're ready to cook them, heat a large pot of turkey broth to boiling. Add the noodles and cook just like any other pasta. MMMMmmmm Good.


  1. I don't know that it's a Yankee thing - maybe more a nationality thing, as I live in PA and my family has never made egg noodles for Thanksgiving or special occasions. However, my husband's mother and her side of the family (also living in PA) have always had noodles cooked in broth for Thanksgiving and holidays. She is of German/Austrian descent and I am of Polish/Slovak descent. Nonetheless, thanks for the instructions, and I think I will have to give this a try the next time I make stroganoff for dinner.

  2. That would be perfect in "chicken" soup....minus the earlobe ! HEHE, go back and take a look at my update !

  3. I can honestly say my family has never cut noodles together but it looks like a great family together tradition.


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