Monday, October 21, 2013


The Sweet Shop is ready to be open for business.  Isn't it just the cutest little playhouse you've ever seen?  It was a lot of work and a lot of fabric used from my stash :) but the  fun that will be had in it is priceless! 
This little sweetness fits over a card table.  The legs are elevated with PVC pipe to make it 39" tall.

And here is the little sweetness that will be having a sweet time in it.  Her name is Josie.  She also loves to ride on grandpa's tractor!

And play on his trailer.

Speaking of sweetness, this little sweatheart got her Halloween costume that Nana sent to her in Japan.  She couldn't wait to model it for me and send me the picture.  It appears to be a little big and a little too long but it is a Halloween Costume. Her audience in the background are her friends family that have taken her in while momma is off to another base waiting patiently  impatiently for little brother to decide to make his appearance into this sweet world. 

And last but not least, my other little big sweetheart.  He's giving 5th graders a tour of the many aspects of farm life during Ag Awareness Day.  And he has some sweet news.  He's officially been accepted to Missouri State University in Springfield MO.  Whoo  Hooo!   Go Bears!

Oops, it's a good thing this sweet mom isn't vying for the camera man of the year award.  I've got another picture upside down!



  1. Great post!! Loved all the updates on your sweeties.

  2. You do have lots of sweet news this time.....and I can see that you have been busy on projects. I know that you love being in Missouri but we are ready for you to come back to TEXAS! <3

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