Friday, October 25, 2013


Two days ago I posted a QOV (Quilts of Valor) Quilt top I completed and told you I would share how I put it together.  So here it is.

Start by choosing 12 coordinating fabrics.  Cut 2 strips 5" wide by the width of the fabric (wof) or selvage to selvage of each of the 12 coordinating fabrics.

Piece the 12 strips together into a strip set using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Make 2 of these strips sets.  Press all the same direction.  Pressing isn't a big deal though as none of the seems with intersect and you won't have to match them to anything. 

Now sew strip #1 and strip #12 together to form a tube.  Do this for each of the strip sets so you have 2 tubes.

Next you will sub cut the tube into 2 1/2" segments.  I think I got 16 tube strips from each tube set.

Now you are going to sew the tube strips together to make the quilt top.  Begin by cutting the seam allowance off of the tube set at fabric #1 and #12 on one tube strip only.  I know it seems like I just told you to sew them together (and I did) but trust me on this one. I'm now calling this tube strip A.

Now cut the second tube strip fabric #1 block in half as pictured below.  I'm now calling this tube strip B.   Sew tube strip A to tube strip B together, using a 1/4" seam allowance.
Now lay a third tube strip next to the sewn strip set and cut it in half.  Notice how the placement of the colors begin to for the "stair steps".  I always lay the tube strip set I'm going to cut next to the sewn tube strips to make sure I'm cutting in the proper place.  One time you will cut the seam allowance off and the next time you will cut the block in half.  But don't cut all the tube strips at once.  Do them one at a time to make sure the placement is correct before you cut anything.

Repeat this process until you have sewn all of the tube strips together to make the quilt top.  My quilt top measured 54" x 66".  You can add a border(s) if you so desire to make it larger but I thought it was big enough for a QOV without any borders. 
I have made a smaller version of this quilt using only 1 strip set instead of 2 and adding borders.  I've also made it using a 3 1/2" strip and another quilt using a 4 1/2" strip.  In other words, I used whatever size strip I could consistently get from my 12 fabrics I picked from my stash.  And I've also done it with less than 12 fabrics.  I think I had 9 or 10 but I can't remember for sure.  Other than the finished size, the end result was the same.  It still made the stair step or zig zag. 
And then I got to thinking... You could also make this with 3 or 4 fabrics and just repeat the strips instead of having 12 different ones.   The possibilities are many! 
Quilts of Valor is always in need of quilts and quilt tops for our wounded soldiers.  This is a quick and easy quilt top that can easily be pieced in one day.  Won't you piece one today and give it to a soldier.  It's a very small token of appreciation for their sacrifice and service for us. 


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  1. So easy! It works up like the scrappy trip around the world. Thank you! BTW - If I had read the entire post for the 23rd I would have seen that you were going to share how it's made. ;-} It wil be an honor to make QOV quilts for my DD and SIL and the others. It is one way I can show my appreciation for their great sacrifice and service to our country.


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