Sunday, October 13, 2013


This week I visited the Bushwacker Quilt Guild in my hometown of Nevada MO.  They were taking a field trip to the Powers Museum in a nearby town of Carthage MO.  The Powers Museum had the National Traveling Route 66 Mini quilts on display created by Jukebox Quilts of Colorado.  Boy was I lucky to be able to see it.  Now I can't get the song out of my head.  I'll share it with you so you can enjoy it too.  There are a lot of pictures of quilts in this post. 

If you ever plan to motor west,
travel my way, take the highway that is best.
Get your kicks on Route sixty-six.

It winds from Chicago to LA,
more than two thousand miles all the way.
Get your kicks on Route sixty-six.

Now you go through Saint Looey
Joplin, Missouri,
and Oklahoma City is mighty pretty.
You see Amarillo,
Gallup, New Mexico,
Flagstaff, Arizona.
Don't forget Winona,
Kingman, Barstow, San Bernandino.

Won't you get hip to this timely tip:
when you make that California trip
Get your kicks on Route sixty-six.

And now the quilts

Route 66 - The Mother Road by Joyce Sanders of Nixa MO and quilted by Jo Bolton. 

This is a small section in the back of the quilt.  There was one for every state Route 66 crosses.  This quilt was incredible! 
The following quilts were part of the traveling display of mini quilts about Route 66.  The quilting on most of these quilts is outstanding.  I can only aspire to quilt like that someday.  I hope you can zoom in on them to see how detailed the quilting is. 

According to Wikipedia (and yes I know that's not always a trusted source) "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66", often rendered simply as "Route 66", is a popular song and rhythm and blues standard, composed in 1946 by American songwriter Bobby Troup. It was first recorded in the same year by Nat King Cole, and was subsequently covered by many artists including Chuck Berry in 1961, The Rolling Stones in 1964, Depeche Mode in 1987, Pappo's Blues in 1995, John Mayer in 2006, and Glenn Frey in 2012.[1] The song's lyrics follow the path of the U.S. Route 66 highway, which used to run a long distance across the U.S., going from Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California.

Along with the Traveling Route 66 quilts, the museum also featured some Route 66 themed quilts from local quilters.  Here are a few of them.

Route 66 Memories by Judy Wampler of Carthage MO.  Judy featured Bobby Troup's "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" song across the top.

Becky Bruce of Nevada, MO made this beauty. 

Of course I couldn't resist zooming in on Texas.

And how cool is this Stack and Whack quilt with the Route 66 fabric.  



  1. Wow, those quilts were gorgeous ! I especially love the one with the realistic !

  2. Those are so pretty quilts.......except you have some prettier TEXAS quilts! We are ready for you to come back to Texas. We will miss you tomorrow at Guild.


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