Friday, October 11, 2013


The girls in Buda TX have been busy! Look at all these flying geese.  Anita made this using the Wing Clipper Ruler by Deb Tucker.  It makes perfect flying geese. 

You can really see the pattern stitched out on the back of the quilt.

I usually have to "fidget" with the pattern to make it fit into the flying geese.  Not with Anita's quilt.  Her flying geese were perfect. 

Anita also made this wall hanging.

I stitched  one of my favorite patterns on this.  Windee Pearls from Wasatch Quilting.

I am green with envy over these quilt blocks.  Kathy is notorious for making "small" blocks.  She takes a regular size block and reduces it down to make small ones.  These blocks are only 6"!!!

And they are perfect too!  I used a pano called Cotton Candy from Anne Bright and stitched it with Glide Marine Blue thread.

Delia made her first quilt!  Whoo Hoo!!!  And she has another one started too. 

I used another one of my favorite patterns from Wasatch Quilting, Curls and Pearls and stitched it with Glide Passion thread.


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