Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I have been busy cranking out those quilts for my wonderful customers.  Here is some of their handy work.
Ruby in Lubbock has been busy again making those string quilts she's so famous for.  Actually it is a joint effort between her almost 90 year old mother and herself.  Her mother  creates the string blocks (which are 6" blocks) and Ruby sets them together.  This one was all "fall" fabrics and Ruby made this for her harvest table. 

I quilted it with "all leaves" pano from Sweet Dreams Studio using black thread.

This is Joy's sample (from A Joyful Soul Fabrics)  for her booth at the Uptown Blanco Quilt Show.  The pattern is called Brick Path and the fabric line is Lottie Da by Heather Bailey. 

I quilted it with Keystone Lime thread using the pattern FB Swan Song from Wasatch Quilting.

Bobbie from Proctor made this batik jelly roll quilt for her granddaughter for a wedding gift.  Bobbie wasn't too crazy about it but I think it turned out beautiful.

Was the previous picture the front of the quilt or this the front of the quilt?  Or is the back of the quilt or is the previous picture the back of the quilt?  Either way, it's beautiful.

And a close up of the quilting that's hard to see because the photographer really stinks at getting good pictures of the quilting.

Laura in Stephenville took this focus fabric and mixed it with some nine patch blocks and ta-da!  A nice looking quilt that is quick and easy.  It's for her teen age grandson for Christmas.  She also made another one just like this but used a blue fabric in place of the brown. 

Laura almost always requests the "simple meander" on her quilt and I used glide thread, Vegas Gold.

Pauline made this adorable baby quilt for a friend.  Don't you wish you were having a baby and were Pauline's friend?  No, me neither on having the baby but I am glad I'm Pauline's friend anyway. 

I quilted bumble bees from Sweet Dreams Studio on this in white thread.

Linda took this Strip Twist (it's a free pattern by the way)   class with me from Bonnie Hunter a few weeks ago in Abilene and made this bed runner quilt.  Notice Linda has her quilt done.  Where is mine you ask.  Oh yeah, that would be another UFO project as this time.  I can report that all my blocks are together, just not in the form of a quilt top. 

I quilted Feathers All Over from Wasatch Quilting using Camel thread.

Linda was busy!  She also made this baby quilt for a friend who is having a boy (who is obviously going to be named Reed). 

I quilted it using the pattern Modern Cheverons from Wastach Quilting using Pistachio thread.



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