Wednesday, October 2, 2013


A few weeks ago I got a call from Hollie and Raleigh, requesting I make Raleigh a Disney Princess Belle Halloween Costume.  Well of course I will.... or I will find a source to buy her one.  And so the quest began.

I looked online and could buy one for $45.  Hmmmm..... I think I can make it for a lot less than that.  But Gregg was going to Austin in a few days and maybe I could convince him to look at the Halloween shops there; thus plan A was developed.  Bless his diligent heart.  He stopped at not one, but three Halloween shops.  He could find the costume for $16-25 but they only had small sizes 4T and smaller.  Well ding, dang, darn!  So on the plan B; get the sewing machine oiled up, it's costume making time.  It's been a few years since I've made any costumes.  Ok, maybe more than a few.  I really didn't make too many for William, especially in the last 7-10 years but I sure made my share of them for Drew and Hollie.  And by the way, I still own most of them, except for the few that I loaned out to a former co-worker and she never returned them (tough lesson learned on my part). 

Here comes the priceless moments:

Trip #1 to Walmart to purchase fabric $11
Trip #1 to local fabric shop for a pattern (as Walmart didn't have any) $10
Trip #2 to Walmart to purchase more fabric because I didn't estimate correctly the first time $8
Trip #3 to Walmart to purchase gold metallic trim because I didn't look the first two times I was there - $0 none was found
Trip #2 to local fabric shop for gold trim - $6
Trip #4 to Walmart to purchase additional ribbon for bows because I ran out - $3
Trip #5 to Walmart to purchase tulle to make a tutu skirt/slip to go under dress to give it more fullness and to purchase a crown to mail with the dress $12
Working 8 solid hours on making the costume  (hmmmm... I think that's priceless but it's not the final priceless moment)
Mailing the package - $12
Knowing how excited she's going to be when she gets it, and how beautiful she's going to look in it, and how much fun she's going to have Trick or Treating on Halloween, NOW that's PRICELESS!!!!

And so much for the thought that I could make it cheaper!  Oh well, she'll always remember Nana made it for her!


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