Sunday, September 15, 2013


So, following Bonnie Hunter's advise from the workshop and lecture last week, this is my first tub to tackle..  It's my 2 1/2" strip tub.  I have so many in there the lid won't even fit and I rarely find anything to use because there's too many to sort through.
So, I separated them into color stacks.  I found 3 storage bin tower cart thingy's in William's old room that he left behind.  That's 9 lovely drawers to put scraps in.  I even emptied his dresser and I have that space too if I need it.  They are now the new home for my scrap storage.  I wrote the color on the front of each drawer and put the strips in their new home. 

As you can see, I have a lot of greens.  I don't really even like green!  How did that happen?  And one of my favorite colors is yellow and I hardly have any of those.  It didn't take too awful long to sort them, however they were already cut so the next tub probably won't go quite as quick.  Now I have an empty tub that I can put another UFO in!



  1. Good luck with your scrap taming. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to attend her 3 times, picking up something new each time.

  2. It's funny how that scrap thing works out, isn't it? Blue is my least favorite color and my very largest scrap box. Why do we buy it if we don't like it?

  3. Your sharing of "taming the scraps" has given me the "push" to do the same....I'll let you know if the "follow through" works!


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