Thursday, September 26, 2013


Marci finished her Lovely in Lavender Block of the Month from B & B Quilting.  I had the privilege of quilting it.  Actually this is the second time I've quilted this pattern.  The first time I quilted the shop sample for B&B Quilting but I forgot to take pictures of it before I took it back to them.  It really is lovely... no pun intended!  I used a lot of different patterns from various quilt pattern designers.  I used Amethyst Glide thread and Raven Glide thread. 

The Setting Triangles.
The Chain blocks.

And all the blocks.  Set #1 Same pattern next 3 blocks, different fabrics and placement.

The blocks, set #2.  Same pattern, just different fabrics and placement.

Block set #3, same block and different fabrics and placement.


This block set #4.  Same pattern just different fabrics and placement.


And the back.  I think the back looks pretty cool. 

It's a good thing I get paid to quilt and not to take photos.  These pictures don't do this quilt justice! 
Now all Marci has to do is bind it.  She says she's giving it to her daughter for Christmas.  What a lucky daughter! 


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  1. what a beautiful quilt! you did a wonderful job quilting and marci did a beautiful job piecing the top.. again.. very beautiful


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