Thursday, September 19, 2013


How about some longarm quilting pictures.  I've been busy! Linda made this for her granddaughter Lucy.  Lucy doesn't want anything with pink or purple in it.  She really wanted just black and white but Lucy's grandma said it had to have another color in it.  So Lucy picked red.  I think it looks perfect for a 7 year old and it certainly isn't purple or pink!
And the circles are very modern looking .  Quilted in silver thread and using Circles all around from Wasatch Qulting,
This is a big block quilt made by Jessica.  First of all I really like the big blocks.  They are so quick and easy and make a big statement.  Second of all I really, really  like the colors.

And third of all I quilted one of my favorite edge to edge patterns on it.  It's called R&R Nested from Wasatch Quilting.

Rhonda made this one for her son.  It's hard to tell but most of the fabrics are Hockey themed.  I quilted a hockey pano on it from Designs by Vickie.

I'm sure the backing has some relevance to the recipient.  It still had the selvage along one edge.  It's from Alexander Henry called Garage Band. 

A very sweet young lady of 90 + years made this quilt. 

In the center squares I quilted the baby's initials and a horseshoe in the last square in contrasting Glide sky blue thread. 

I quilted the remainder of the quilt with an edge to edge horseshoe from Wasatch Quilting in Sunlight Yellow thread.

This is Saturday's Soire'.  It's a Block of the Month through B&B Quilting in Buda, TX.  It's it gorgeous!  How can you go wrong with red and white.  The picture looks like it's pink but it really isn't. 

I quilted it with glide Candy Apple Red and used an edge to edge called FB Swan Song from Wasatch Quilting.


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