Thursday, September 12, 2013


Look what I've been working on.  No, not this one but one kinda like it.  My nephew sent me a picture of a quilt he and his wife saw at Pottery Barn Kids.  He ask me if I could make something like it.  Well of course I can!  This is what he sent me.

QuiltThis is what I've designed.

I added personalized colors and letters.  Crimson and Grey for Nevada MO School colors and the "N" for Nevada.

 Good catch!

 "W" is for White


  2 Points.

 Punt, Pass, and Kick

 "P" is for Paytin

 Strike 1

And how could I make a quilt for a Wrestling Coach's kid without Wrestling head gear?

This is the rough layout of my version. Hoqso you like my design wall floor?   I'm calling it "Game Day" (the quilt that is, not the design wall floor).  I still need to applique a basketball to the cream block opposite of the basketball goal block but I didn't have an orange I liked.  I will post the pdf files of the applique patterns on the free patterns tab when I get them cleaned up.  These blocks are 10 1/2" square.  I used various plaids and shirtings.  I really wanted to use re-cycled shirts but didn't have the time to collect them so maybe you will when you make yours.  Just think how inexpensive this scrappy quilt would be if you did. 


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