Monday, September 30, 2013


You have to check out the "Sew and Show" Blog.  I recently joined the site and am so excited about it.  Madam Samm is a fabulous coordinator.  I will be participating in my first blog hop later this month.  You have to come back when I do too!  In the mean time, hop on over to and check out the FREE giveaway that's going on.  It's awesome!! And check out other blogs to see how creative and inspiring others are too! 


Sunday, September 29, 2013


I try not to work too hard on Sunday.  It's suppose to be a day of rest. Yeah right!  Not when you have as many things to do as I do.  Well, today really was suppose to be kinda leisurely.  My quilt group, Loose Threads, was meeting today.  I needed to quilt the fabric for Josie's Sweet Shop so I could work on it (more on this later).  So quickly, I loaded the fabric and got it quilted before we met.  I had decided that since it was Sunday, and I had worked pretty hard all week, I wasn't going to do anything when I got home.  Yeah right! .... once again.

I walked in and practically slid across the kitchen floor.  What in the world happened in the short 4 hours while I was gone?  Gregg was home alone so I couldn't even blame it on William!  I said, "Gregg, did something happen in here while I was gone?".  And that's where the story began. 

Ask Gregg what happens when you place my favorite, well seasoned, Pampered Chef cookie sheet/jelly roll pan directly on the burner of the stove to melt the bacon grease that he left in it from the night before's oven fried bacon.  Yep, y'all know exactly what's going to happen.  And he does too.... now.  Just in case you don't know, this is how it goes.  He walked away and was returning to check to see if the grease has melted and it was just about melted so he could pour it out when he heard a pop and then a huge crack and then the pan just cracked and broke.  And guess what happens to the bacon grease.  Yep, y'all know what happens next with this too.  Bacon grease is now all over the stove, cabinet, down inside the burners, and on the floor.  It's now one greasy mess.  And guess what else happens when bacon grease comes in contact with an electric burner.  Yep, it catches on fire!  It was only briefly as he swatted it out with a tea towel.  Thank goodness it wasn't one of my favorite ones because you can imagine what it looks like now.  I promised I wouldn't post pictures though. 

He apologized all over the place and kept saying he didn't do it on purpose.  Well, I certainly hope not!   And I know he's sorry but it's still good for some suck up on his part and I'm milking this for all it's worth.  lol.  Sooo... so much for my leisure Sunday afternoon.  I spent the next hour cleaning the stove, cabinet, and mopping the floor and that was after his attempt to clean the mess up so I wouldn't know.  I swear it's still greasy though. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Marci finished her Lovely in Lavender Block of the Month from B & B Quilting.  I had the privilege of quilting it.  Actually this is the second time I've quilted this pattern.  The first time I quilted the shop sample for B&B Quilting but I forgot to take pictures of it before I took it back to them.  It really is lovely... no pun intended!  I used a lot of different patterns from various quilt pattern designers.  I used Amethyst Glide thread and Raven Glide thread. 

The Setting Triangles.
The Chain blocks.

And all the blocks.  Set #1 Same pattern next 3 blocks, different fabrics and placement.

The blocks, set #2.  Same pattern, just different fabrics and placement.

Block set #3, same block and different fabrics and placement.


This block set #4.  Same pattern just different fabrics and placement.


And the back.  I think the back looks pretty cool. 

It's a good thing I get paid to quilt and not to take photos.  These pictures don't do this quilt justice! 
Now all Marci has to do is bind it.  She says she's giving it to her daughter for Christmas.  What a lucky daughter! 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Last week at the Brownwood Quilter's Guild, our program was presented by B&B Quilting of Buda, TX.  Lori and Nancy presented a truck show using precuts and panels.  Here are a few of the quilts they brought to show us. 
I believe she said they used layer cakes (10" squares) for this one.

And this one too.

Charm packs (5" squares)

Jelly Rolls (2 1/2" strips)
Jelly Roll

Fat Quarters

Fat Quarters

Jelly Roll

Layer Cake
Layer Cake

And I can't remember (lol)

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll
Deep in the Heart of Texas Panel.  I know about this one!  I think the designer of this pattern is the Quilting Queen.  Anyone else know her?

Quilt Across Texas 2011 Panel

And another Quilt Across Texas 2011 Panel.  The neat thing about this pattern is that you can substitute just about any panel in the area that Lori is pointing to or you can use a big print or focus fabric.  Super easy, peasy pattern.

And this is the back of the above quilt, using the rest of the blocks in the panel.  I can't decide if I like the front or the back better.

More panels

More panels

This panel block was actually cut in half and framed. 
I hope you enjoyed the trunk show.  Those girls at B&B are so creative and inspiring.  This was only a tip of the iceberg on what they had.  Their shop is just as creative and inspiring.  It is busting at the seams with fabric, layer cakes, fat quarters, charm packs, jelly rolls, patterns, kits, and all sorts of fun quilty stuff!  It's a must visit if you in their area south of Austin TX on I-35.  And the added bonus is that there is a huge Cabella's in Buda so they guys can drop you off at the quilt shop and they can go to Cabella's.


Sunday, September 22, 2013


Ok, Enough is enough.  Haven't I done enough Texas themed quilts?  Well I thought so and I have a couple of quilts started that I said once finished, that would be the last of the Texas Quilts.  I have a lot of other quilts on my bucket list I want to finish or even start.  However, it's not really my fault.  It's those quilt shops that keep sucking me in and challenging me to come up with something for their new panels and fabric.  So, here is the latest one.  It's from Moda's line of fabric called Texas The Lone Star State.  Nothing grand and glorious.
It's just a panel, add a 1 1/2" red border, then a border of bluebonnet fabric, and finally a 6 1/2" border from the coordinating fabric.   I put a red binding on to finish it out.

And this is the backing.  It started out as a plan to use up my scraps.  And that I did, but it looks like a row quilt.  Pretty cool, huh?  A reversible quilt.

And I quilted it with the barbed wire pano in glide blue thread.

And then there's this one.  Again a simple panel in the middle cut 22" square.  Make 11" half square triangles to make the star, add a green 1 1/2" border, and finally the border fabric.   It measures 55" square.  I haven't quilted this one yet but I'm thinking the barbed wire pano across the panel, a Texas star feather in the 4 black corner blocks and feathers in the star points.  Barbed wire in the green border and the verdict is still out on what to quilt in the last border. 
Both will be good additions to my Texas Beauties trunk show.  Ok, so now I'm saying it again.  That's the last of the Texas quilts, except for the ones I have cut out already and need to finish; which won't happen any time soon..... Christmas is coming and I have gifts to make.


Thursday, September 19, 2013


How about some longarm quilting pictures.  I've been busy! Linda made this for her granddaughter Lucy.  Lucy doesn't want anything with pink or purple in it.  She really wanted just black and white but Lucy's grandma said it had to have another color in it.  So Lucy picked red.  I think it looks perfect for a 7 year old and it certainly isn't purple or pink!
And the circles are very modern looking .  Quilted in silver thread and using Circles all around from Wasatch Qulting,
This is a big block quilt made by Jessica.  First of all I really like the big blocks.  They are so quick and easy and make a big statement.  Second of all I really, really  like the colors.

And third of all I quilted one of my favorite edge to edge patterns on it.  It's called R&R Nested from Wasatch Quilting.

Rhonda made this one for her son.  It's hard to tell but most of the fabrics are Hockey themed.  I quilted a hockey pano on it from Designs by Vickie.

I'm sure the backing has some relevance to the recipient.  It still had the selvage along one edge.  It's from Alexander Henry called Garage Band. 

A very sweet young lady of 90 + years made this quilt. 

In the center squares I quilted the baby's initials and a horseshoe in the last square in contrasting Glide sky blue thread. 

I quilted the remainder of the quilt with an edge to edge horseshoe from Wasatch Quilting in Sunlight Yellow thread.

This is Saturday's Soire'.  It's a Block of the Month through B&B Quilting in Buda, TX.  It's it gorgeous!  How can you go wrong with red and white.  The picture looks like it's pink but it really isn't. 

I quilted it with glide Candy Apple Red and used an edge to edge called FB Swan Song from Wasatch Quilting.

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